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MotoGP, Quartararo: “At the Misano test the team manager's comments and mine were black and white”

Tension at Yamaha: "I was not satisfied with the tests; we made no step forward. I listen to the opinion of the team manager, but the rider’s comments are more important, we ride the bikes. If things stay like this, 2024 will be the same or worse"

MotoGP: Quartararo: “At the Misano test the team manager's comments and mine were black and white”


The Misano tests do not seem to have given the much hoped-for results for Yamaha. Fabio Quartararo is of this opinion, according to which the bike - rather than struggling to keep up with the rival manufacturers - seems rather stagnant and incapable of making progress. The absence of a satellite team and the abandonment of Morbidelli, who has just been confirmed in Pramac next year (Alex Rins will take his place) only exacerbate a crisis for the Japanese manufacturer which is also starting to have repercussions at the level of the team, which appears to be less compact. With this mood Fabio is therefore preparing to race on the Indian circuit, which, unfortunately, presents two long straights, not exactly congenial to the Yamaha. The Frenchman, however, is looking for the proverbial glass half full, the third and fourth sectors could be his salvation, and the new circuit for everyone could be an advantage for those who will be able to adapt sooner and better to the new circuit.

Fabio began by saying a few words about the Indian circuit.

"There are two long straights - the Frenchman laughed, obviously thinking of his Yamaha in difficulty - but it looks like a lot of fun with sectors 3 and 4 where we could be closer to the others. We'll know more tomorrow after free practice".

The Indian round was also an opportunity to visit the Yamaha factory here and have a meeting with your fans.

"It was nice to see those who work here in India for our company, to experience their passion firsthand. I hope that both they and the fans can fully enjoy this weekend."

At the Misano tests the Yamaha was the bike with most new parts to try. Will we already see something new here?

"We tried many components, we will bring a couple of new ones here, in particular the fork. Compared to last year we are behind our rivals, so we are trying to make some small improvements where possible."

Overall, however, the 2021 world champion does not seem at all satisfied with the tests. It is evident that he expected more from the Iwata manufacturer.

“At the Misano test we saw the team manager's comments and mine, which were black and white, totally different. I can clearly say that the test was a disappointment and that it was not up to the standard I expected. We didn't take a step forward, not at all. But if the team manager says it's better, you have to listen to him.”

There therefore seems to be confusion at Yamaha, which with Morbidelli's farewell and without a satellite support team will have to struggle to get out of this difficult situation.

“In the end, one says white and one says black – continued the Frenchman - The rider's comments I think are a bit more important, it's the rider who tests the bikes and who has the feeling if they are easier to ride or not. If we start and we are not aligned of course 2024 will be the same or worse.”


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