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MotoGP, Viegas: "Suzuki will be back, Marquez should have served the penalty immediately"

The President of the FIM speaks: “The final decision will arrive in the next few days. I spoke to Puig, and I understand his point of view. BMW and Kawasaki will not enter MotoGP"

MotoGP: Viegas:

World Superbike returns to Europe and the time has come for the FIM to present his new team that will operate in the production-based series starting this season. For the Federation it is time for changes within its staff and it was Jorge Viegas himself who explained the changes.

For the occasion, the President then drew up a sort of balance sheet, looking to the future.

“When I started my journey in the FIM I didn't have much consideration - he recalled - It seemed old to me and made up of people who went around the paddock doing nothing. So, I've tried to renew it over the years and I'm happy with my journey. I think the Federation is now more open than before, but above all willing to confront and accept criticism".

In recent weeks, the FIM has been under the magnifying glass due to the Marquez affair.

“You all know the story very well and what the situation is and what it was. At the moment there is a suspension, but the final judgment will arrive at the beginning of next week. Unfortunately, the Stewards Panel issued an unclear decision and Honda appealed. I spoke about this with Puig, and I understand his decision to appeal. What can I say: if I were Marc, I would have served the penalty without appealing, without giving people the idea that he didn’t want to serve it."

The fact is that many riders point the finger at the Stewards Panel due to the recent decisions, claiming that they haven’t been listened to very much.

“It's like in football, where the referee is often challenged for making incorrect decisions. Obviously, they are not perfect, but they are professional and competent people. As I said before, we are always open to discussion. For example, I remember when I spoke with Quartararo. He didn't want the Sprint Race, but I told him that if it didn't work there would be no problem going back".

Then we talked about the commitment on the part of the manufacturers.

“The situation is not simple. First COVID, then the world economy. I spoke to the boss of Suzuki, and he told me that they had quit because they were working on a new type of engine. Personally, I think they will come back, but I don't know when. Now, however, we have all the manufacturers in MotoGP, although Kawasaki and BMW are not interested. In Endurance, Ducati has invested heavily, and we have also seen the commitment on the part of Aprilia, which has decided to accept this challenge in a more limited way. Aprilia is a great manufacturer, and I would obviously like to see it in SBK, but all their efforts are concentrated on MotoGP".

Finally, a promise.

"We all know what happened during the Portimao MotoGP round following the problem with the gravel. I can confirm for the SBK round everything will be sorted out and the problem definitively solved"



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