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MotoGP, Quartararo: "A mystery the lack of speed in the time attack"

"My pace is good, but I couldn't set a time unlike my partner. The new aerodynamic package? It helped us in corner entry. The grip? It's okay by circuit standards."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

Fifteenth in the morning and 14th in the afternoon Fabio Quartararo ended the first day at Montmelo not hiding some frustration.

"A little bit better than in the last rounds and the aerodynamic feedback was in line with expectations, but too bad about the mess at the time attack. We had to tweak things and it ended up taking the mechanics a very long time to do it. I was only able to do one lap in the second run because they put out yellow flags. That prevented me from trying, but if we look at the pace it wasn't bad, so it's not the best to have missed Q2," the analysis.

After acknowledging progress, the transalpine returned to the critical issues of his M1. "There are tracks where for some reason we struggle. Here I don't understand why simulating the race I lapped on the 1'39"6 and when there was to pull out the time I didn't do better than 1'39"3. Definitely in the comparison with the others we suffer, but compared to our previous ones we went strong. The problem comes when we put on new tires. We will have to try to analyze with the team, because for example Rins scored two very different chrono. We are only helped by less fuel."

Turning to the daughter evolutions of the Mugello test El Diablo acknowledged, "The new package has given us a hand in corner entry, so it is positive. Why did I lose time today? They were intervening on the heights and so I ate about ten minutes. The grip? Low, but compared to Barcelona standards not bad. Lots of crashes? The tires were difficult to get up to temperature, especially the left side, especially turns 2 and 5. This morning, we tried using the medium, but it was a disaster because it wouldn't warm up, especially the front."

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