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MotoGP, Quartararo: "Yamaha forces you to change your riding style all the time."

"Even after small changes the bike looks totally different. Mugello race? I expect to struggle a lot physically." Rins: "Still a major deficit at the engine level."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

The slight steps forward shown in Barcelona by Yamaha, thanks in part to the private test held at the very Mugello circuit that will see MotoGP in action from tomorrow, have partially soothed the restless mood of Fabio Quartararo who, although reassured by the feedback his M1 had in some parts of the track, knows well that he cannot aspire to great results because of the flaws that continue to characterize it.

"Thanks to the latest updates we should be better in the straights, but otherwise we still suffer in the corners. I don't want to repeat myself, however I think we are going in the right direction. The aerodynamics have allowed us to take a step forward, and I think the extra session we will have in Valencia will allow us to clarify where to orient ourselves, for example so that we are no longer overtaken in the first corner," he commented on the current state of affairs for the team and himself.

With the clear goal of catching up, the pace of work has also increased and with it fatigue: "It's hard, because you would like to go home and rest a bit, but the tight schedule is for a good reason. Compared to the past today, developments are more concrete and have a definite purpose."

Also slowing the recovery process is a strange behavior of the tires. "We have to try to understand why we can't take advantage of the new tire. For example, in Barcelona my fastest lap came out on tires that already had ten laps behind them. It is important to improve from this point of view to qualify in a more advanced position. Our bike until 2022 the more you pushed, the better it responded, but now the more you do the worse it is. For now we can only get smart and take advantage of someone's wake," said El Diablo, "Every year we are called upon to change our riding style. Even if Yamaha only makes small adjustments, it's like it's always another motorcycle concept. Currently we can no longer be fluid, for example on this track the sequence of turns 6 and 7 sees us much slower than two championships ago. We need to strengthen both in support and in the way we corner."

Technical deficits may not be the only headache of the weekend for the Frenchman. "Physically it won't be a walk in the park. I say this because during testing I got very tired. Since the beginning of the season I have been struggling to lift the bike because it is very heavy."

Speaking of shortcomings, teammate Alex Rins gave his own personal reading. "In my opinion we are more lacking in engine than in electronics. Globally we are in a phase where we are trying to fix the small, to compensate for what is not working more important. In Catalunya we suffered a lot from the lack of grip, even at the traction control level. If it rains tomorrow we can work on these defects. The throttle is okay, but turning is complicated. I already had this issue in 2017 with another brand. Do I need to change my riding style? Yes, even during the GPs. At Montmelo as the laps went by, the traction control gave more and more problems, so even pulling the bike up, you had a deterioration. Basically there is a continuous adaptation."

To conclude, a hint of expectations: "I don't know if we can confirm the positive notes we got from the updates. Here the fairing has more impact compared to Spain because of the long straight, the wheelie and the corners. We'll see once we're on the track."




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