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MotoGP, Martin: "Bagnaia is ahead on time attack, but not on pace"

"This morning nothing worked, better in the afternoon. I think I can take the front row. The tyres for the race? It will be a tough choice."

MotoGP: Martin:

Coming back from a Montmelo GP that saw him fourth in the Sprint Race and second in the GP, but always a solid leader in the overall, Jorge Martin opened the Mugello weekend somewhat low-key. Fifth in the morning and 7th in the afternoon, with the confidence in his own means that now distinguishes him, Pramac's Spaniard took stock of the day with a smile.

"In the morning it was a disaster, there was nothing working and I struggled with the soft tyre. In the afternoon session, on the other hand, I found another rider in front in the initial run, while in the second I didn't feel comfortable with the front. I need to work on it, but as a pace I'm not bad. I tried both compounds and feel confident that I can aim for the front row tomorrow. On the bike front, I am using the one from last year as it had given a good response. I just lack a bit of fine tuning," was his analysis.

On the subject of tyres, the Spaniard objected that with the soft it will not be easy to manage the race: "Sunday will be especially hard because in the past edition the winning compound was the medium. I must say that today was better than in 2023. So it could be a good option for the GP, but it is clear that with the soft the grip is better. Bagnaia is in the lead? In the time attack, not on the pace. I didn't look carefully at what the others did, but personally I feel optimistic. I know Marquez did well with the soft."

The wind has characterized the two sessions so far, will it play a role in the race? "You'll have to be careful where you brake and anticipate, because if you're behind someone and there's a headwind, braking in the same spot you risk a collision," he replied.

Tactics are also clear in the Spaniard's mind. "Where will I attack should I find myself chasing? I know, but I can't say. I'm sure that at that point no one will try to pass me again. Is there fun on the Tuscan track? Yes if you're 100 percent okay because the time comes easily, otherwise if you're 95 percent you have to take advantage of the your physique as well as your tyres and it gets complicated. Did Pol Espargaro get scared by the high speeds? Actually it's crazy here, especially if you're not used to it."

When teased about the possible negotiation between Pramac and Marquez should he switch to the factory Ducati or in Morbidelli's place, the 26-year-old finally cut it short: "You have to ask Marc."


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