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Mindless games: here is the latest (senseless) invention of the FIM

The FIM Jerez 2024 Intercontinental Games will play an important role in the FIM's 120th anniversary celebrations and will be held at the iconic Spanish circuit on November 30 and December 1. So they say. What do you guys think?

News: Mindless games: here is the latest (senseless) invention of the FIM

Sometimes we wonder if certain ideas are hatched as dreams or are, rather, nightmares. In the case of the pompously dubbed 'FIM Intercontinental Games 2024', for the category definitely a third series can be created: senseless.

Whatever, we know that for the FIM making sensible proposals is an exception to the rule, and Dorna's bulimia in engulfing championships is a well-known fact, but we had never come across so many absurd ideas as those hatched in the communiqué you read below.

It would not even be worth spending these four lines on it, were it not for the fact that these 'FIM Intercontinental Games 2024,' appear so out of touch with the world, and even the racing world, that they deserve a mention.

From the composition of the 'teams' - four riders, one of whom is a woman, with only one rider registered for an FIM World Championship, who will be 'the captain' - to the compulsory wearing of a race suit, helmet, gloves and boots from manufacturers designated by the organizers, and ending in the single bike supplier, Yamaha, everything seems incredibly far removed from real motorcycle racing.

But then who selects the riders, Topo Gigio?

Do we want to make a Jeux sans Frontiers of two wheels? Let's do it, but let's not glamorize it with a value that doesn't exist. Let's imagine, of course, that 'the Captain' is a non-player, because we just can't see a professional wearing sponsors that are not his own, for a manufacturer that is not his own.

It is worth remembering that a true racing genius, the great Checco Costa, Claudio Costa's dad , 46 years ago created the 'AGV Cup of Nations,' with real champions. And it was a success.

Read the release, and comment if you like.

A biennial event which will be named after the city in which it takes place, the FIM Intercontinental Games Jerez 2024 will play a major role in the FIM’s one-hundred-and-twentieth anniversary celebrations this year and be staged at the iconic Spanish circuit on 30 November and 1 December.

Among those attending the Official Presentation were FIM President Jorge Viegas, Antonio Sanz (Consejero de Presidencia de la Junta de Andalucía), Mayor of Jerez de la Frontera Maria José Garcia-Pelayo Jurado, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Lin Jarvis (Managing Director at Yamaha Motor Racing S.r.l).

First proposed to the FIM Board of Directors by FIM President Jorge Viegas, the FIM Intercontinental Games will bring together the six FIM Continental Unions (CONU) of Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Latin America and Oceania, providing an outstanding international platform for young and experienced riders.

The inaugural FIM Intercontinental Continental Games will be dedicated to circuit racing - Supersport and Supersport 300 classes – although this will expand to include other disciplines (Motocross and Enduro) as the event becomes established – with Yamaha Europe providing R7 and R3 machines as the Official Partner. All motorcycles will have bespoke CONU colour liveries.

Dunlop will be the official tyre supplier and will also provide its racing service throughout the competition, while BETA UTENSILI will support the FIM Continental Unions with their professional mechanical tools and toolboxes.

Riders will wear their CONU team colours with electronic airbag suits and gloves supplied by SPIDI, boots by Xpd, while Airoh will provide all riders with their FIM Racing homologated GP 800 helmets and Panta Racing Fuel as the official supplier of fuel.

This new competition will benefit from exceptional TV coverage thanks to the support of the FIM circuit racing promoters Dorna who will carry out the TV production and Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) Sports Europe which will ensure broadcasting on their digital platforms.

Each Continental Union will select four riders including at least one woman per class who may come from the FIM Women's Circuit Racing World Championship. Each team will be able to select another rider participating in an FIM World Championship who will be nominated as team captain.

In 2024, the competition will take place over four races, two per class: R7 and R3. The points awarded to each rider based on their ranking will be added to the points of the other team members to determine which of the six FIM Continental Unions will be the first to win the Games.


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