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MotoGP, Aspar Martinez: "Who would I field along with Bagnaia? Certainly Marquez."

"Marc has shown that he wants to win the title at all costs and has done so by giving up more compensation. If I were Ducati I would not let him leave, but what a pair he would be with Acosta in KTM!"

MotoGP: Aspar Martinez:

Everything is going swimmingly at Ducati. First in both the classification and able to be competitive with most of itsriders on the grid, it can live the moment with peace of mind and yet instead, knocking on the door of the management there is a hot topic and from a certain point of view an annoying one that, sooner or later will have to see a solution. We are talking, of course, about the choice of Pecco Bagnaia's neighbor in the pits of the brand's factory team.

For Gigi dall'Igna, the next few weeks will be complex, as deciding who to promote between a major championship protagonist like Martin and a champion as emblazoned as Marquez, almost has the flavor of a feat, especially in light of a weekend like the one just concluded in Le Mans, in which on Sunday the Pramac rider left yet another mark and the Gresini rider staged a maxi comeback to the podium, riding last year's bike.

As the seasoned spectator that Aspar Martinez is, a four-time world champion in the minor racing categories, with 37 wins and 61 podiums to his name and a longtime established manager, he attempted to have his say on the burning issue, admitting that it is not a simple matter.

"If I were in the Borgo Panigale factory, I would choose Marc even though I know that he could create problems, which are the typical ones that emerge when two top champions live together ," he confided to AS. "For sure Jorge would allow for a more stable climate by also being easier to manage. On the other hand, it is clear that if the ace from Cervera were to agree to go to the official team it would be to win the title."

For the Spanish manager, the 31-year-old represents a fundamental pawn to bet on. "There is no doubt about it, just think of the risks he has taken for this season, giving up on more compensation, among other things . It is proof that he cares most about becoming a world champion again. For that reason alone he would deserve the position."

So much speculation, but at this point what will the Emilian brand do?

"I think the key is not to let Marquez get away and provide him with the 2025 material in any case. For him today the only alternative is KTM. To see him alongside the future that is Acosta, that would be a real coup. In any case, I'm sure he will win some races this year and soon fight for the World Championship," he concluded.



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