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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: "no matter brand or color, I would like the latest evolution of the bike"

"That's what you need if you want to fight for the title. My plan is paying off, the adaptation to the bike is good but it's still not enough for victory. That will come, but it must not become an obsession. The overtaking on Pecco? he was aggressive like in Jerez, but he didn't attack Martin and I took advantage of it."

MotoGP: Marc Marquez:

If the conclusion of the Jerez GP had given a first glimpse of how much Marc Marquez now holds his GP23 in his hands, yesterday's comeback in the Sprint and today's comeback in the long race at Le Mans could rightfully be the main course. Because yes, in today's MotoGP starting 13th is no small feat, but by closing with his second consecutive podium step the Spaniard sent a clear and unmistakable message to the higher-ups at Borgo Panigale, if any were still needed.

At the beginning of the season Marc had a smile back, now also the desire to fight for the podium, and along with it the knowledge that he had regained the speed that befits a champion of his lineage. On the last lap the Spaniard thus crossed his trajectories with those of Bagnaia as in Jerez, coming out the winner this time, however, and thus leaving Ducati with a big headache: the riders to choose from are all there, in the first four positions.

Like yesterday in the Sprint, you managed to repeat the feat of getting on the podium from 13th position.
"Today we cooked this podium on a slow fire ," Marc began, "yesterday I made an unbelievable start, but the important thing about that race was to realize I had the pace to be competitive. If you have the right pace in the Sprint you can also do well in the long race. Today the start was less explosive, when I got close to the lead I lost some time behind Di Giannantonio, but from that point on I kept getting closer, I have the see the pace was good."

The last laps were really tight and the tension went through the roof, is there still room for fun?
"For me it was a short moment compared to who was in front, the adrenaline kicks in but as Martin says when you are in front the laps seem to never end, but I think he handled the race really well."

On the last lap there was an overtake on Pecco.
" I expected that Pecco would counterattack on Martin in the last laps, I saw him aggressive like in Jerez and he had the pace to do it, but it didn't happen and so I decided to try to attack him at nine. In that corner I am very strong and I knew I had room to move as I wanted, it is one of those points where you feel you can take an extra risk and lose less if you make a mistake. Overall I am happy that I was able to fight with the other Ducatis, it was a great race."

Yesterday you had said that a more loaded tank start would make things more difficult, but despite that you chased the two GP24s. Did you have a chance to observe what these bikes have that is more than yours?
"Today was a good start, I took some positions back, but at Turn 3 I went slightly wide and couldn't get in. From there I built my race step by step. When I caught up with Bastianini I noticed that the GP24 has very good acceleration coming out of turn 8, that's where I was losing the most, while on the straight we were quite similar in performance. So in turns 7 and 8 I was losing something, but I was strong in other places, like in the corner where I passed Pecco. It's hard to say though without having tried the GP24," the Spaniard added hissily.

How much did you have to sacrifice in terms of performance to move up the rankings?
"Obviously starting 13th penalized the race a lot, but we managed to put a patch on it this time. I say this time because maybe the next one will be more difficult. This weekend we learned a lot, we made a change on Friday and we were behind on the setup of the bike on Saturday in terms of electronics. The first time I had good feelings about the bike was in the Sprint. Martin and Pecco know how to be fast on the Ducati right from the start and they know what they need during the weekend. Maybe with a better start I could have taken more advantage of the tires and I would have arrived less tired at the end of the race but for me is this second place is already a result that satisfies me."

Where do you think we might see your first win, maybe on your home circuit?
"In Barcelona I doubt it, it is one of my worst circuits, but never say never. If we continue to work well in this way I trust that the first victory will come, but it must not become an obsession. To fight with these riders you have to be perfect in all aspects. I'm referring to qualifying, it can happen to save a weekend that started badly, but it doesn't happen at every Grand Prix, so it will be important to avoid those kinds of mistakes."

How far do you feel you have come with adapting to this Ducati?
"I think it's good now, but it's still not good enough for victory."

You've talked in recent days about having a plan. It's a plan that is unfolding well, from your goodbye to Honda to your adaptation to Ducati to the podiums that are coming.
"I think the effect is there for all to see, you can see the difference when one is suffering and when one is having fun. I think the plan is paying off and now I'm having fun."

Ducati has not yet made a decision about the second bike in the factory team, does this result bring you a little closer to getting it?
"Honestly in 2025 I don't care about the brand or the color, I want to have the latest evolution of the bike in the field, because if you want to fight for the world championship you have a better chance of succeeding."

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