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MotoGP, Morbidelli: "No contact with Aleix, but they are part of the sport."

"It's hard to tell which overtaking is legal and which is not, especially in this MotoGP. I share the view of the race stewards, if you don't throw yourself on the ground you can overtake, it's normal there is also contact. The GP24? the start is still something I'm working on, but we are improving."

MotoGP: Morbidelli:

Franco Morbidelli's adaptation on the GP24 continues, the Italian files the Le Mans GP with a seventh-place finish. He, too, like many other riders, places emphasis on the issue of overtaking, which is increasingly difficult in today's MotoGP and increasingly a topic of debate among riders about what is permissible and what is not.

"Overall, I'm satisfied, " Morbidelli said at the end of the race , "especially with the speed we had, which allowed us to recover from a suboptimal start in which I lost many positions. That of the start is something we are still working on."

What are you missing on this GP24?
"Unfortunately I still lack some positivity in the first lap compared to the others, even in practice laps I struggle to get into a rhythm right away. However, the improvement step by step is showing."

Aleix Espargarò complained about some overtaking today in the race.
"I passed him in the last corner, I saw a gap and I jumped and he didn't like it, although in truth there was no contact. Lately it's hard to tell which overtaking is acceptable and which is not."

What is your view on this?
"In my opinion when there is no touching you can overtake, after all this is a sport where contact can happen. The topic of overtaking is interesting and especially the stewards have to follow them well, but at the moment their view is right in my opinion, it very much reflects my own, sometimes there is touching especially now that in MotoGP making overtakes has become more difficult."

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