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MotoGP, Kazakhstan GP could replace India's GP in September

The Sokol stage was postponed due to flooding, on the table is the possibility of it taking the place of the one at Buddh Circuit

MotoGP: Kazakhstan GP could replace India's GP in September

The Kazakhstan Grand Prix has been postponed as a result of violent flooding in the area. At first, many thought that it would be canceled at a later date, because the space in the calendar to include it at the end of the season is practically not there. The latest rumors from the paddock, however, speak of another possibility.

After the uncertainties of the past few months, the Indian GP seemed to be confirmed without any problems, but now it is not so certain and there are rumors about the possibility of replacing it with the one in Kazakhstan. This would mean stopping at the Sokol circuit on the weekend of September 20-22 and then moving from there to Indonesia. This is the possibility, which should be confirmed, in case, within a few weeks.

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