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MotoGP, Quartararo: "First time I test something really new on the Yamaha"

Fabio satisfied: "I used to test only little changes, but now it was a massive change." Rins: "The bike is beautiful, but on the track it doesn't respond like in the wind tunnel"

MotoGP: Quartararo:

Yamaha is clearly not going through a happy moment in MotoGP, but there is certainly no lack of commitment on the part of Iwata to try to change the situation. In fact, in the Jerez tests, they brought a lot of new features (HERE all the photos) that both Fabio Quartararo and Alex Rins were able to put to the test.

The most visible ones concerned the new aerodynamic configuration and a new swingarm. But actually in the Japanese manufacturer's pits there was also a new chassis, a new electronic configuration and probably some engine innovations that were not disclosed, however. For the first time, Quartararo spoke of significant changes, of changes that can really matter and not detail changes to an M1 that is in clear debt to the competition today.

"A very long day, we tested many new things," were Quartararo's words , "new aero setup, new chassis and also new swingarm. They also had new electronics to try, but as usual it's too early to take conclusions now. Some positive, some things that were not working, we need to analyze all the data we collected. We will have more tests at Mugello after Le Mans. There is a small improvement, but that is just seen in the data. I in my first outing didn't feel much progress, I would call it neutral."

Are you satisfied with what Yamaha has done?
"This is the first time we are testing things that are different from what we are used to. For example, the new chassis is completely different. In the past we had never tried such drastic changes, whereas this time I really felt we had something different and new on the bike. I think this is a first step in figuring out which direction to take, but we need another test to take a definitive path."

Will you bring these new features to the race?
"I think we will use in Le Mans some things that are not bad, also because it is always good to try new things on different tracks. It will be interesting what will be my feeling on different tracks, especially because Le Mans and Mugello are very different tracks than Jerez."

But what are the priorities right now to improve the M1?
"Basically we are looking for ways to make the bike corner better. I found something right in the entry, but not everything I wanted. I would say we are a little bit better than before, but there is still a lot missing. I have to force a lot in that phase. In the last sector here in Jerez in the past we were very fast, while today we are not fast at all. We don't feel right in that part of the track, but in general being able to corner better would lead us to improve in so many other aspects as well, like the pickup of the bike out of the corners. You can be less aggressive on the short it's an aspect that then affects so many others and it's the thing we're working on the most."

In 2022 you were very strong here, do you miss that time?
"I hope to regain soon the good feelings I had until 2022, that's one of the goals. We have a lot of data to analyze and then figure out how to move, but my idea is to find those feelings again."

Alex Rins also put all the new features brought by Yamaha to the test, feeling perhaps less satisfaction than Quartararo with what he did.

"We tested a lot of big innovations and it takes time to understand everything well - was his comment - I felt good with some of them, I did a lot of laps with the new fairing, I did a lot of comparisons. I expected maybe more because of how different the bike looks, even better performance. The bike is spectacular, the numbers are very different in the wind tunnel, and I expected more on the track as well. I felt better honestly, more comfortable, but in the end the progress is only a tenth, maybe one and a half."

Better than nothing at least.
"It is in any case a step forward. I did a lot of laps even with the new chassis, the idea was to find more cornering speed, but I didn't feel this difference I was hoping for. We also did some setup tests, but maybe I'm still not 100 percent for my riding style. I don't see it as something to fit on the bike for the next race. In any case, there were some positive points like the new electronics, which I think took us a step forward. Overall, I can say that the day was positive."

Do you plan to use these new changes in the race soon?
"The plan is to try these new things again at Mugello and also at Le Mans, but I don't think we will race with them already in France. We will try when we can, today was a test we could do that way and we did it."

You could hear a different sound from the engine, any changes there as well?
"It's the electronics, it's not a new engine. We work on traction control and engine brake, that's why it sounds different, but really the engine is the same. It was smoother before I would say."

Ultimately, is there anything that really satisfied you?
"I would say that making a comparison with rival bikes, today we suffer when we are at maximum lean angle. They seem to be way ahead of us on fast corners. So we try at least with aerodynamics to stem that. I would say we have made small steps forward, but we are still missing something in several areas. This is the reality, we still have a lot of work to do."


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