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MotoGP, Pedrosa: "Quartararo can no longer complain, he chose to be with Yamaha"

Bringing the bike back to the same level as the others will be a difficult job, but he chose this, so now he shouldn’t return to the ‘not winning’ subject. It wouldn’t make sense."

MotoGP: Pedrosa:

Returning to the top of the MotoGP will be a long road for Yamaha, as they continue to struggle to keep up with the European constructors. The last round in Texas was proof of this, where Yamaha managed to score only four points, with a 12th place reached by Fabio Quartararo in the Grand Prix of the Americas. But Yamahas’ certainty in this difficult period is represented by the 2021 World Champion who recently decided to join the team until 2026, extending his contract for an additional two years. A renewal that surprised many and on which Dani Pedrosa also expressed his opinion in his role as a speaker on DAZN, without wanting to take a position on the French rider’s decision.

"His immediate future is the same. He’ll have to work with Yamaha to bring the bike back to the same level as the others. It's a difficult job, because you can't always do it well. You encounter many difficulties before finding the right direction, but this is the work he decided to do," was the Spanish rider’s comment quoted by Motosan.

Without a win since the 2022 German GP, Quartararo has struggled to achieve significant results in the last year and a half, during which he obtained only four 3rd places, one of which in a Sprint Race. A performance that suggests that the economic factor played a key role in his decision. 

"Definitely, yes," Pedrosa said. "I don't know what other offer he had, or if he even had one, but whatever offer he may have had from Aprilia, Ducati, or anyone else, I'm sure it didn't even come close."

So, for the KTM tester, El Diablo will no longer be able to allow himself to complain or express his dissatisfaction with the results he achieved on the M1.

"He chose this path, so now he can’t return to the ‘I’m not winning, I’m not winning’ subject. He should understand that he accepted all the time needed for this process and can’t complain. It makes no sense," Dani said, who didn’t want to express himself  much on the repercussions that the  renewal could have on the continuation of the partnership between Rins and the Iwata constructor: "It’s up to Yamaha to decide. They chose Alex Rins starting from this season, and they have to decide if this combination between the two riders is good for the coming years to come."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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