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MotoGP, Quartararo: "I struggle to get the Yamaha to turn in every corner."

"The problem is that the M1 then becomes aggressive and we make more meters than the others on the run-in. Tomorrow I have to understand the situation better." Rins: "By struggling in the corners we then lose in acceleration and to set up the next corner."

MotoGP: Quartararo:

A difficult Friday with a bitter aftertaste at Jerez for Fabio Quartararo, 20th in the standings even behind his teammate, Alex Rins. The Frenchman is heartbroken and explains without mincing words the problems that are affecting him on this first day of practice.

The competition is running away and his Yamaha is trudging in the confrontation with Ducati and Aprilia, there in front to play the part of protagonists.

"We are looking for something more under braking and especially in the corners - he began - today I tried the hard tire, but at turn 7 I made a mistake, locking the front. Then when I chose the soft for the last time attack we couldn't exploit it as we should. The fact is that I can't get the bike to turn and in this situation the M1 becomes more aggressive, so I have to do more meters and mileage."

However, Fabio tries to look forward to Saturday with confidence.
"I think for tomorrow we will have to do some comparative tests. Every year here in Jerez the situation is different, and for this very reason I would like to analyze in detail our situation with what was happening last year. As mentioned the Yamaha suffers a lot in the corners and then tends to wheelie, also I particularly struggle when accelerating."

Picking up his words is Rins, 15th in the standings behind Pedrosa.
"Today we experienced several problems - Alex admitted- in the end they are the same as the last race, which is to be able to turn the bike. We tried some things, but we didn't come up with a solution. It seems that the other bikes are able to bring more speed into the corners and perform better than us."

The Spaniard looks forward to testing on Monday.
"On Monday we will evaluate the innovations brought by Yamaha including aerodynamics and engine because at the moment we are really struggling. In some corners, like at turn 8, I have to reduce the speed and this makes us lose a lot of time especially on the exit."

The obstacles did not end there according to Rins' statement.
"The fact that the bike doesn't turn as it should also affects corner exit, because we don't follow the right line and this then goes to affect the next corner. We also can't overtake either Ducati or Aprilia on the straight. We have so many things to work on."

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