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Moto2, Canet: "Angry at Roberts' overtaking, especially with Race Direction"

"If we were in a different era it would have been great and I understand it could be a race incident, but there was no room and if you touch another driver on the last lap you have to give him back his position."

Moto2: Canet:

Aron Canet left Le Mans with a fair bitterness in his mouth for not having collected as much as he deserved in the fifth round of the season. Despite not being in the best physical condition after the surgery he underwent for the fracture of the peroneal malleolus of his left foot sustained in Jerez, the Spaniard of the Fantic Racing Moto2 team in fact showed his fighting spirit by centering the pole position and fighting for the podium of the French GP until the last round. A result that would have repaid him for the stubbornness shown in the 22 laps of the race on the Bugatti circuit, but that faded after Joe Roberts' lunge on the last lap, which relegated him to the final sixth position by sending him off track after a contact between the two.

"It was an unfair race, but after all, that's the way racing is, these things can happen, " Aron told Motosan's colleagues after the race. "It was a very complicated weekend and a real shame that it ended like that, with such a bitter taste, when we were in contention for the podium for 80-90 percent of the race. In the end these are things that can happen, let's just think about Montmeló."

Going into the merits of Roberts' overtaking, the Iberian added, "If we were in another era, it would have been great. But here, at the end of the day, you don't even know how to catch him, because they say if you touch a rider on the last lap you have to give him back his position. Of course I got angry. I understand that it may be a race incident, but I was more angry with Race Direction, because they are the ones who tell you during the season 'don't touch anyone on the last lap, otherwise we can penalize you.' Clearly there was no room if he said that. That's it."

Sixth place is a tight squeeze for Canet, who is convinced he could have gone for the win if he hadn't had to make a comeback from 10th place after losing ground just after the start.

"I didn't make a great start, but the problem was Turn 4 .I lost a lot of positions, because of a run off the track, and if it wasn't for that I know we could have won for sure, because we had a very good pace," explained the 24-year-old, who also struggled throughout the race with his physique: "The left turns were a pain, I was pulling ahead completely with my arms. I loaded my forearms a lot and now I will have to go to the physiotherapist to see how to solve the problem."

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