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MotoGP, Stoner: “Someone in Yamaha prevented me from being in the pit with Rossi”

Today DAZN presents “RIVALE”, Valentino’s career seen through the eyes of his rivals: Biaggi, Lorenzo, Stoner, and Melandri

MotoGP: Stoner: “Someone in Yamaha prevented me from being in the pit with Rossi”

A week after Valentino Rossi’s retirement, RiVale will be broadcast exclusively on DAZN: an unprecedented mini-documentary celebrating the Doctor’s career, through the voices of his fiercest rivals on the track.

After twenty-six seasons, the Doctor ends a record career, and this new documentary by DAZN reveals the background and little-known aspects of his relationship with other motorcycling champions.

The most adrenaline-pumping stories are told in first person by those who, on circuits worldwide, have given the two-wheel champion the hardest time.

Max Biaggi, Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Marco Melandri, and many others talk about the antagonism and most exciting challenges that have characterized the very long story on two wheels of legendary #46.

Here are the previews taken from the interviews that will be broadcast on Sunday on DAZN:

Lorenzo: “I have a lot of respect for Valentino, but he’s not like a God for me. Because if you think he’s like a God, then he'll be impossible to beat. Not many like these statements, especially Valentino’s fans.

Biaggi: “In that historical moment, there was a need for great rivalry. As it happened to be, there were two Italians, then they made sure that this rivalry ignited prematurely, and that’s why Valentino and I were easily misled. What happened between us was then said without filters.”

Stoner: “I tried being Valentino’s teammate twice, but someone in Yamaha prevented me from doing so. You probably know who I mean. I would’ve loved to have had the same bike as a rider like Rossi, to be able to learn from him.”

Melandri: “I never liked being compared to him. It was a burden, something I wasn’t looking for, because I’m very different than him.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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