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Moto2, Bezzecchi: "My hair is like Sic’s, but I would like his speed and a title"

INTERVIEW - "The Aprilia offer was nice but came late. I would steal Marini’s precision and Morbidelli’s aggression, but I feel more like Bagnaia "

Moto2: Bezzecchi:

Most of Italy’s hopes in Moto2 lie in Marco Bezzecchi, who this year will make an attack on the intermediate class title. He will try with the colours of Sky Racing Team VR46, that is the team that three years ago celebrated the title with Pecco Bagnaia.

Last year Luca Marini tried to replicate the triumph of the Piedmont rider, but without success, now it's the turn of a guy from Romagna like 'Bez', who last season gave a hard time to the big names, who have now moved to MotoGP.

"It will certainly be an important season - began Bezzecchi - the goal is undoubtedly to continue the work begun last year and reap the benefits. We have worked a lot during this last period, among other things at the beginning of the week we went with the Academy to lap in Portimao to rediscover the sensations that the track gives us ".

This year you will be Vietti's big brother inside the garage…

“Cele is a friend of mine, the competition between us is great on the track, but also when we play on the PlayStation. He is always on me (he jokes) ".

Vietti will try to steal some secrets from you…

"Celestino is a hard nut regarding set-up, he follows his own path, without being influenced by other riders. He thinks according to his mind and I am convinced it is the right choice ”.

Let's talk about this 2021. It will be a big challenge, but so far you have never got the important challenges wrong, more or less as happened in the past in Bagnaia.

“I am pleased that you associate me with Pecco, since he is a strong rider, but also a friend. I like working with pressure, because it pushes you to give more. In recent years I have always managed to do well and I always try to improve".

Who knows how it would have gone without that Aragon crash last year. You could have arrived at the last race fighting for the title.

"It's true! In the end, however, you must always be honest with yourself, especially when things go wrong. Sometimes I've made mistakes and you have to accept them, and then learn not to make them anymore”.

Marco, a curiosity: when do you cut your hair?

“The real problem is that I don't want to cut my hair, and my girlfriend Chiara likes it very much like that. Maybe, in the summer, I’ll even put it into braids. Who knows, maybe I'll shorten it before the start of the World Championship ”.

Some people say that you have hair like Simoncelli…

“Yes, my hair is perhaps reminiscent of Sic's, a lot of people say that to me. I consider myself lucky, he was a great rider and a great person, he gave a lot to this sport. I'm glad I remember him, but I hope to remember him not only for his hair, but also for his speed on the track ”.

He won a world title ...

“Now it’s also my turn! (smiles) "

The 2021 season will start without Martin, Marini and Bastianini. Will it be a two-horse battle with Lowes?

"No, that’s not the case. Sam will certainly be a contender, but Di Giannantonio, Roberts, Gardner will also be there. Lowes is the super favourite, but I am convinced that a lot of things will change at the start of the World Championship ”.

Let's talk about MotoGP. At the end of 2020 you were close to Aprilia, is that the bike you are chasing for 2022?

"In MotoGP there is no particular bike to follow, I would like them all, because all the bikes are cool. I was pleased with the Aprilia offer, it was great talking with Rivola and hearing how excited he was and he wanted me to be part of the team. However, the offer came late and I didn't want to abandon this project linked to Moto2, given what has happened in the past. Then who knows, maybe at the end of 2021 other opportunities may come up ".

Maybe there will also be a Yamaha of the Petronas team…

"I would like that, but as I mentioned I would like them all".

We heard that you rode in Portimao yesterday. My question is: what quality would you steal from Vale, Pecco, Marini and Morbidelli?

“Vale can get on anything and fly. He has a lot of experience with any engine and is number one. Pecco, on the other hand, adapts quickly to anything and we have seen it over the years. He goes on a kart and after four laps he has already understood how to drive it. Same thing on the bike ”.

Marini and Morbidelli instead?

“I would steal Marini’s precision. He does twenty identical laps, he is a methodical and precise guy. On the other hand, I would like to have Morbido’s aggression in a fight, I think he is one of the strongest of all ”.

Out of all of them, which one do you feel closest to?

“Franco is a quiet guy, me and Marini are instead completely opposite to each other, since he is someone who keeps his distance if you don't know him well, he appears cold, while on the track he thinks a lot, while I'm instinctive. Pecco, on the other hand, is more like me, he is calm, but at the same time fiery ”.

Are you ready to live together?

“Yes, I'm waiting trying to solve the paperwork due to Covid, then we are there. Me and Chiara go in any case to do some drifting with the car and she also makes me the videos (smiles) ".

Then you will cook piadina for us...

"When home is ready, I'll be waiting for you!"


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