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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "I tried to chase Martin, I was at the limit and I made a mistake."

"It's always hard to accept that. Martin was clearly faster in the early laps today. I am working less on the bike and more on my riding style to compensate on the problems. The crashes of the Ducatis? The bike makes a difference, but the biggest one is the tires; they are high performance but difficult to handle."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi:

After an uphill start to the season for Marco Bezzecchi on the GP23, over the Le Mans weekend the VR46 rider had established himself as one of the potential protagonists in the competition on the French circuit. With an excellent qualification behind him that saw him fifth on the grid at the end of the qualifying, in the sprint Bezzecchi had immediately imposed himself behind an impregnable Martin today.

A performance that of the Italian that would have guaranteed him a podium, but which unfortunately faded prematurely with a closure of the front while he was in pursuit of the Spaniard. The young Italian does not seek excuses and admits the error, justifiable when racing so close to the limit. Net of the disappointing result, however, Bezzecchi knows he can be competitive on the circuit that only last year saw him on the top step of the podium, and he proved it in the race by beating one of the fastest passes. So there is no shortage of disappointment, but at the same time the knowledge that he holds all the cards to do well on Sunday.

It was a Sprint that ended badly but gave you valuable information for the long one on Sunday.
"It was a good Sprint until I made a mistake, it's always difficult to accept," Bezzecchi says, "you have to try not to get down because it doesn't lead to anything. You have to take out what was positive and understand the cause of the fall to learn. I was pushing and maybe I went too far in Turn 9, I don't think I braked too late but I think I bent the bike earlier than on the previous lap and in doing so my front locked up. It's too bad because of the first part of the race I'm satisfied, up to that point it had started well in the first corners, I got up to second right away with a good pace beating 1'30''8 twice in a row which were two good laps. Now we have to work on continuing to stay on track."

You've said several times in the past that one of the problems you've experienced with the GP23 is just corner entry.
"It's something we've been working a lot on, the problem is still not completely solved but I compensate with my riding style, and that sometimes when you're riding on the limit it doesn't make things easy. This weekend the base is great, Matteo and the rest of the team did a fantastic job so the bike is competitive, it was my mistake," he admits.

Before the crash was there potential to catch up with Martin?
"In the first lap from the start he was clearly faster than me, especially in turns 6, 7 and 8. With the new tire I still have a lot of difficulty turning the bike under braking in corner entry and on the run-in. In the next few laps I increased the pace but I was really at the limit to be able to say I was catching up with him because I had started to make small mistakes. So I started following him on sight to get away from the group with him, then there was the crash."

Is there still some margin that can be extracted from this bike?
"It's hard to get much out of it, we fight over thousandths, when you work on details it's always difficult. That's why I'm trying to work less on the setup of the bike and more on my riding style, to be able to ride over the problems and compensate. We are still missing something but I think we will find it."

Now the gaze is on the long race, what expectations do you have? The weather could make a difference.
"At the back we will definitely use the soft, while at the front it will depend a lot on the weather, I would like to race with the hard because it is the one I prefer for the way I ride, although unfortunately it suffers a lot from the temperature. However, I hope it will be in the dry because when you're not apposto you need to turn, even in the wet you learn but it's different."

With the GP23 last year we saw many crashes of both Pecco and Martin. This year it also happened with the GP24. Do you think it could be a criticality of the bike?
"I can't say for sure, definitely the bike makes a difference but the biggest difference is the tires, which are equal for them but equal they are not. They are really high performance and you go full throttle but they are also difficult to fix and the bike behaves very differently from last year. As for me, my crash today was because I was on the limit."

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