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MotoGP, Bezzecchi: "The new rules? I don't care, I just think about racing"

"Personally, I wouldn't have changed anything because I like the current MotoGP and then I've always seen it that way. I'm only curious about the new engine. Le Mans? It's a track I love. I hope to be able to prove that the problems have been solved."

MotoGP: Bezzecchi:

In Jerez de La Frontera he finished third. Marco Bezzecchi arrives at Le Mans with the desire to repeat the result and thus prove that it was not just a case.

"Jerez was a good weekend. We come from a better moment than the other races, plus this is a track that I like and on which I had done well in 2023. I am very motivated and I want to reconfirm myself, so, I will try to get the most out of the weekend. Problems now in the archives? This appointment will serve me to understand that. The podium in Spain is not enough for me to think I have solved everything. This represents a spur for me," he said.

Responding to those who asked him if today's very eleborated and extreme MotoGPs are not overly punitive towards the riders, the Romangnolo replied, "Do you fall a lot? It's always been like that.When you race it's normal because you're always on the edge. You're fighting for thousandths, so all it takes is one degree of bend more or one km/h more to end up on the ground. Then it depends on the situation. There are errors facilitated by the use of new technologies, but also normal ones."

From 2027 there will be no more devices. "I like the MotoGP of now and would not have made any changes, but I am intrigued by the smaller engine. However, that date is a long time away. The lowering device? Personally, I'm glad they took it out. If you start from the back it does indeed make everything more complicated. Having said that for me what matters is racing motorcycles, I don't care much about the regulations. I then came to the premier class when motorcycles were already complex in their construction. So it's possible that those of the previous generation will notice it more, having perhaps even tried a "cleaner" version," he concluded his reflection.

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