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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "Martin and Marquez faster than me, the title fight will be with them"

"Right now the three of us are the most complete riders. I missed not running the Sprint, I arrived unprepared for the race and maybe didn't make the most of my Ducati."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Pecco Bagnaia hums to himself 'Bitter Sweet Simphony' by the Verve."That's the taste of this weekend": bittersweet. Everything had gone according to plan until qualifying, when a crash changed the face of the GP. The Sprint ended in a retirement without ever really getting started; today's race brought a podium finish, but behind Martin and Marquez. Clearly the world champion cannot be satisfied.

"The weekend was pretty much perfect, we did everything to the maximum, but yesterday's Sprint affected us too much. Not having done it, I was a little unprepared for the race today, and the truth is that Jorge and Marc were stronger than me in the last five laps," the admission.

How come?
"It was the opposite of the Jerez race finish. I was faster in some places, but I was losing too much in Turn 9 and that didn't allow me to try to attack Martin. I was better than him in the last two corners, I thought I could try in the last lap, unfortunately Marc's overtaking affected my strategy. He did it from a distance, it was perfect. However, I hadn't finished the last two GPs here in Le Mans, being fast was important even though a 3rd place doesn't really make me satisfied."

What was your weak point?
"I was fast in the first half of the track, but in Turn 9 I couldn't brake hard and had to slow down a lot. When I was in front, I was coming into that point with 4 tenths ahead of Jorge and then at the finish line I had 2. Martin was able to bring more speed than me in the corners, it's something to understand and improve on for the future."

It was a 3-way finish, will it be the same for the championship?
"In my opinion, right now yes: we are the somewhat more complete, stronger drivers. There are others with the potential to do well, to win races, like Enea, who was also very strong today, but then you need everything: qualifying and race. I think the championship will go more or less like that."

In what mood do you leave Le Mans?
"I would like to race right away in Barcelona. It was a good weekend, apart from yesterday's result, and even today I could have done more in the fight. Maybe I didn't make the most of the package I had."

Do you have the answer on what happened in the Sprint?
"Yes, but of course I can't tell you (laughs). It 's something that theoretically could happen again, but practically shouldn't."

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