MotoGP, Marc and Alex Marquez: a leap towards normality (with motocross bikes)

VIDEO AND PHOTOS: The two brothers have returned to off-road training. The world champion: "you can only feel certain sensations on a motorcycle"

Iscriviti al nostro canale YouTube


Alex and Marc Marquez have not been on a motorcycle since 11 March. After a full two months of forced inactivity, the brothers have returned to their bikes on the El Bosquest track in Ponts. On Tuesday, the Repsol Honda teammates unloaded their motocross bikes from the van and removed the accumulated rust with a series of jumps and slides.

"After two months, honestly, at the beginning it was a bit strange to get back on the bike for the first laps - admitted Marc Marquez - But soon I felt better, because all the muscles and the mind were beginning to remember everything again. It was really nice to be able to get back on the bike, it is a feeling that is not felt anywhere else. Step by step we are getting closer to normal life and this is the most important point ".

Even Alex Marquez couldn't have been happier…

“It is great to be able to return to more normal training and it was a real pleasure to be back out on the motocross circuit. When something like this is your passion, you always enjoy it a lot, so it was special to ride, you need the bike in your life. For at least a little bit it was like everything was normal. Unfortunately, the world is still not yet back to normal and we as riders, as well as everyone else, must continue to adapt and do our best in this situation. Hopefully, we can have more days like today.”                        


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