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MotoGP, Marc Marquez: “A battle with Álex? I’d rather apologize than ask for permission.”

“We already had our first discussion about who should be on the right side of the garage.” And the youngest of the brothers revealed: “After deciding to come to Gresini, he was a pain in the neck. He bombarded me with questions.”

MotoGP: Marc Marquez: “A battle with Álex? I’d rather apologize than ask for permission.”

Álex and Marc will be sharing the Gresini team’s garage this year. And, a few days before the start of the championship, they participated together in “El Hormiguero”, a well-known Spanish TV show. The two brothers spoke of their new adventure with irony, mocking each other in a friendly manner.

The younger of the two, for example, revealed a back story about the choice of positions in the garages:  “I’m in charge there,” he smiled. Marc continued the funny anecdote: “As soon as we started, we had our first discussion because, when you enter the garage, one rider is on the right side and the other on the left. I’ve always been on the right side of the garage throughout my career so, when talking to the team manager, I told him that I would’ve liked to have the right side, but he told me that my brother didn’t want to change sides.” Álex won.

He’s the “veteran” in Gresini, and Marc took advantage of his knowledge of the team and the bike. “After the decision, he was a pain in the neck … he asked questions all day long,” Álex said. "Before making the decision, I didn’t ask him anything because I didn’ want to be influenced by anything or anyone. I wanted to understand what I really needed and then decide,” Marc explained. “But, once I made the decision, I started asking for information.”

After the winter tests, Marc managed to get a clearer idea of the Desmosedici, and now he knows what to do to improve. “Every bike has its secrets when it comes to riding it,” he  explained.  “A bike can do very well, but the rider must ride it one way or another. I rode the Honda for eleven years. Now I’ve switched to the Ducati, and I have to automate everything so as not to fall into the bad habits I had on the other bike.”

Surely, the two brothers will work together to improve, but Marc has made it clear that he won’t make concessions to Álex on the track. “I took a risk with him last year for a seventh place. It’s instinctive, but I’d rather apologize than ask for permission, even if he is my brother.”


Translated by Leila Myftija

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