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MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "Marc doesn't do anything exceptional, but he does everything right."

"His approach has changed in recent years, his experience allows him to control himself. An official Ducati for Team Gresini in 2025? If they gave it to me, I would sign now."

MotoGP: Alex Marquez:

In Qatar, the first derby in Gresini colors between the two Marquez brothers ended 1 and a half (counting short and long race) for Marc. "Let's say 1-0," smiles Alex when pointed out. The younger one doesn't get too cruel about the defeat in the family: "We had a similar pace, Pecco's a little better than ours, but we were both happy with how the weekend had gone."

Did Marc surprise you in his first GP on the Ducati?
"Not too much because on the last day of testing in Qatar we had done a long run together until he crashed, even though he had a problem with the transponder and no one realized he was doing a race simulation. He had been very fast on that occasion and I knew that in the Grand Prix he would put what he lacked, he has that experience to always keep something in his pocket in the test and then show it in the race.He surprised me a little bit, but I think he's taking the right steps, he's been solid. He didn't do anything outstanding, but everything right and good for being in his first race on the Ducati."

He seemed much more conservative than usual.
"I think in recent years that's been his approach . In the era of the Fantastic 4, the last hour of testing was a fight between them to stay in front, now it has changed. He doesn't have the bike fully in hand yet and he knew that this was a circuit where he could score points. His experience has allowed him to control himself, he knows that if he is patient at the end of have he will have a better chance."

Has your start in the championship satisfied you?
"Weare doing well, we passed Qatar which was a trap because it was easy to make mistakes. We had a good first weekend and now we come to Portimao where I've always had good results, it's one of my favorite circuits, but I don't have to obsess about the result. Round by round I will see where I am, what there is to improve, and then set goals for the races."

What is your condition compared to a year ago?
"We have a very good base, especially we did a good job in the winter, so we have clear ideas. Also, being for the second year with the same team, with the same technicians, gives you peace of mind, I feel confident and I can do what I want on the bike. In the race, however, something can always happen, there can be things that get away from you and you always have to be careful, overconfidence can make you make amistake."

Again this year there seems to be an internal Ducati Cup in the championship....
"You always look to your teammate, and having seven other bikes very similar to yours allows you to know where you are and where the others are. I don't know whether to call it a cup, on any bike you always want to be first. I think having 8 bikes on the lineup allows riders to raise their level because there is a lot of competition between us."

Have you studied the data of other Ducat riders after Qatar?
"You always have to consider where a rider is. Pecco was the best in braking because he was in front and had no slipstream. Me, Marc and Martin sometimes braked like him and sometimes not because we were following other bikes. I think the key was to do a good qualifying, a good first lap and get in front."

What do you think about the rumors that Team Gresini might have an official Desmosedici next year.
"Let's see, I have to step on the gas. If Team Gresini gave me an official bike, I would sign now(laughs)."

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