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MotoGP, Alex Marquez: "Marc is doing something on the Ducati that I thought impossible."

"He has a very particular style under braking, he plays with the front, and he didn't lose the strong point he had on the Honda - I don't know how he did it. The new regulations: I expected them to introduce something similar to the DRS."

MotoGP: Alex Marquez:

The Le Mans GP is a great celebration of motorcycling with fans storming the circuit as early as Wednesday. For the riders, the problem is being able to close their eyes at night because the engines 'sound' until dawn. To Alex Marquez, that sound soothes his sleep: "I like it, it's like a lullaby for me," smiles the Team Gresini rider, who had won in France in his Moto2 days and even went well... with Honda. "It was a wet race, with flag-to-flag," he says.

Still, you like Le Mans.
"It's not one of my favorite circuits but I go well, kind of like Motegi. It's a stop & go circuit, but not so much, because there are three challenging braking areas, however, you still have to bring a lot of speed into the corners, also because of the new front tires, now we round some of the lines a lot more."

Are you completely satisfied with your adaptation to the GP23?
"In Jerez I didn't feel the tires attached to the ground, I couldn't get the same corner speed as in the past. Especially I was suffering under braking, and we are working a lot on engine braking."

Is your brother Marc already the best Ducati rider in braking?
"He is among the best, Marc has a particular style under braking and he managed to keep the strong point he had on the Honda even on the Ducati, although it seemed impossible. I don't know how he does certain things with the front, I thought it wasn't possible with the Desmosedici to come in so hard in the corners, because it's a bike that transmits less information than the Honda, which was critical but always let you know what was going on at the front."

Have you studied his data yet?
"We all look at who is making a difference in a particlar point to improve, we focus in that area. Especially because in Jerez I suffered in corner entry and now we are taking the right direction."

What do you think of the technical regulations for 2027?
"The most positive thing is the reduction in engine size, but I expected that they would not just reduce aerodynamics, I thought they would remove parts. I also thought they would introduce something similar to Formula 1's DRS to facilitate overtaking."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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