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Pirelli: more compounds and more tires in Barcelona for Moto2 and Moto3

At Montmeló the front and rear SC3 compound in Moto2 and the rear C1096 specification in Moto3 will also be added to the standard allocation, Barbier: "Also increased the number of tires available, to give more freedom to teams and riders."

Moto2: Pirelli: more compounds and more tires in Barcelona for Moto2 and Moto3

Moto2 and Moto3 teams and riders will have a wide range of options at the Montmeló circuit, where they will face the Catalan GP, on the weekend of May 24-26, with more compounds and tires available. The Catalan track is quite challenging for tires since it can greatly accentuate their wear, under certain conditions, due to the little grip it can offer and a very technical layout, especially in the final sector, which requires excellent tire management. Precisely for this reason, in addition to the standard 2024 allocation, Pirelli will also provide the intermediate class with the SC3 (hard) option for both the front (already in allocation in the American and French GPs) and the rear, while the Moto3 riders will also be able to count on the C1096 (hard) development rear, also already present in the two aforementioned Grands Prix and in the season's opening round, in Qatar.

In addition, the amount of tires available for each compound has also been increased in some cases, allowing riders to use more tires, compared to the standard, over the course of the weekend. An allocation that will allow teams to have a wide range of solutions, capable of dealing with all the pitfalls that the Catalan circuit can present.

"We are familiar with the Montmeló circuit because we have also been racing there for years with World SBK. Is a track that is in some ways unpredictable, with little grip, that can change a lot depending on asphalt temperatures and that can also prove to be very aggressive towards the tires accentuating their wear. For this reason, as a precautionary measure, we have also preferred to make harder solutions available to the riders, such as the front and rear SC3 for Moto2, which could prove to be valuable allies - explained Pirelli's Motorcycle Racing Director, Giorgio Barbier - In addition, we have also increased the number of pieces available to the riders for each compound and, consequently, the number of tires that by regulation they can use over the weekend. In this way teams and riders will have a wide range of choices and will be freer to use the solution they prefer throughout the weekend, without worrying about having a sufficient number of tires. Regardless of the solutions chosen, this is still a track that needs to be approached intelligently: in view of the race, the search for the best setup and tire management is crucial for success."

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