Between Marquez and Martin, Ducati chose ... both: Yamaha in trouble

Pramac is ready to reject Lin Jarvis' offer, should Marquez accept the satellite team's offer with an official treatment. But Ducati won't pay for three riders, like it did this year.

: Between Marquez and Martin, Ducati chose ... both: Yamaha in trouble

At this point, Yamaha risks being left holding the bag, with only team even in 2025. Two riders. Period. Because the rush on Pramac, the last stage coach to ride on that won't piss Quartararo off badly, is long gone. But let's go in order.

Problem = opportunity. Lin Jarvis noticed this when he realized that the oversupply of riders was causing Ducati quite a headache. And you can bet that having to choose between Martin, Marquez, and Bastianini is great, but a mishandling of this situation could've meant having to give up two top riders, where they would then perhaps end up in KTM and in Aprilia, resepctively. Unacceptable. And, as Mauro Grassilli had stated, the goal was to keep all four teams for 2025.

The opportunity for Lin Jarvis was appetizing: offering Paolo Campinoti a long-term contract with Yamaha was better than the possibility/risk for Pramac to find itself in 2025 with the Morbidelli-Aldeguer pair.

This is because - and here is the point - a young-rider policy is fine but, in 2025, Ducati can and will only pay for riders on the factory team, reserving the right to take on young riders like Aldeguer, but at a cost of €300/500,000 per year.

In contrast, Ducati is paying three this year, in addition to Bagnaia, Martin, and Bastianini. In fact, they have the exact same contract, economically speaking.

So, let's say that Jorge is costing more this year because, besides the arrival prizes, each of his victories overshadows the factory team and its main Chinese sponsor, Lenovo. A bad situation.

One that was made worse by the arrival of Marc Marquez who, rediscovered after a three-season ordeal, confirmed himself as he always was, namely, a marvel. Do we want him on the competitor's team? Heaven forbid.

Something, however, has change in recent weeks. If, after his success in Jerez, Marc had said he wanted an official team, he corrected his pitch last weeek by saying he was aiming for official treatment. Whatever the color of the team. This may also mean a satellite team like Pramac.

This is when Gigi Dall'Igna's made Marc Marquez the offer. And, if he wanted to solely accept the possibility of the red team, he would probably have had to give up his longtime sponsorship with Red Bull, since Ducati tied to Monster. He had declared himself ready to do so in Jerez, but it would have been a considerable economic and image sacrifice.

This isn't a problem with Pramac, At this point, Marc is thinking about it, and that's enough to stop the negotiations between the Pramac team and Yamaha.

After all, these Ducati theatrics can't last much longer: the other teams are waiting for this very decision to make their move in the market, as Davide Brivio recently admitted, making himself the spokesman for the situation.

If the negotiation goes through, Ducati would keep all four teams, losing only one rider: Bastianini. Not because of a  shortage of bikes: Enea could probably also take refuge in Pramac because Aldeguer could also be transferred to Gresini or VR 46, but without the Ducati salary. Franco Morbidelli's situation to date. An unacceptable situation for the Beast who, at this point, is seriously considering giving up the Desmosedici for a financially better treatment with KTM or Aprilia.

This, as far as we know, is the current situation. The best possible way out for Ducati. As always, in seeking a solution, the rsame ule applies: follow the money trail.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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