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MotoGP, Pramac garage becomes "the family" thanks to artist Miguel Caravaca

He's a 45-year-old artist who not only hand painted the fairings on Martin's and Morbidelli's bikes for Sunday, but also frescoed the garage.

MotoGP: Pramac garage becomes

"The Family" is title of the art exhibition that the Prima Pramac Ducati MotoGP garage has become.

And Miguel Caravaca is the creator: a 45-year-old artist who not only hand painted the fairings on the bikes with which Martin and Morbidelli will be racing on Sunday, but he also frescoed the garage.

The fairings weren't used during the practice session to prevent them from being damaged, since they're really unique pieces.

"It took one year for this project. Each portrait in the garage was painted about six months ago. I was in Pesaro last week hand painting two bikes, one for Martin and one for Morbidelli. Two bikes in two days, painting non stop. And I worked on the garage by hand for two more days," Miguel Caravaca explained.  "The idea was born over a glass of wine with Fonsi Nieto. The riders were impressed. The two main portraits in the garage are the mothers of both riders. Why their mothers? Because they suffer the most. That's why I put them first."

Photogallery ©Pierluca Brunetti


Translated by Leila Myftija

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