Campinoti-Pramac at a crossroads between Ducati and Yamaha, but where is the top rider?

The Sienese manager has yet to decide the future of his team, but right now, if he wants to stay where he is - and with two factory Ducatis - it would take a top rider, which he no longer has.

: Campinoti-Pramac at a crossroads between Ducati and Yamaha, but where is the top rider?

Marquez played his cards well last week at Mugello by triggering an earthquake with his declaration that he would not accept a possible move to Pramac. An earth tremor that Richter would have rated at magnitude 9.

The result was to frighten the managers and riders involved so much that they rushed for cover: and while Enea Bastianini took refuge with a pre-contract in the arms of KTM, Jorge Martin threw himself into those of Aprilia.

Was all this haste necessary? Perhaps not. And that was especially so because, in fact, there was still one team on the market with two official Ducati bikes: the Pramac team of Paolo Campinoti. Although it is true that the Sienese manager has long been on the verge of perpetrating a betrayal with Yamaha.

Now it might be true that Jorge Martin had broadcast to all and sundry that he did not want to stay with Pramac, but intentions are one thing, facts another. And as for Enea Bastianini, there probably wasn't much that precluded an official treatment for him in Pramac paired with Aldeguer.

Instead, the result today is that - on paper - Campinoti still has a chance of staying with Ducati, since the option in his favour expires in July, but without any top rider. So what about Campinoti's declaration, "Marquez's 'no' to Pramac? That's his problem, not ours"?

To us, on the contrary, it seems that a problem at the moment Campinoti (and also Ducati) does have: without Bastianini and without Martin he is left with Morbidelli and Aldeguer. Not exactly prime material to aim for the world championship, but good enough to be the 'growth' team for young riders, a role for which Ducati had intended it.

Our impression is that the whole thing has been handled with far too much testosterone and too little logic. Because at the moment, with this situation, Pramac has less bargaining power even with Yamaha, which will be able to offer him all the facilities in the world, and we are also aware that Dorna will like the situation because it will somehow help to bring equilibrium to the starting grid with a satellite team for the Iwata manufacturer as well, but the question is: is this what Campinoti really wanted? Or, on the contrary, did he want to continue to grow in order to be more and more attractive to his main sponsor - Prima - which, moreover, has already reconfirmed its support for the next two years?

This is the key question and the next one is for Ducati: after losing two podium riders, Martin and Bastianini, in half a day, will it also accept losing a team as important to it as Pramac?

At the moment, however, Ducati has the upper hand, although the first decision is up to Pramac.

For those who thought the soap opera was over, there is now to wait, after Martin's, for Bastianini's officialization, but above all for the destination of the Prima Pramac team, which is desperately hunting for a lead rider. That is, unless Morbidelli wakes up permanently, which we sincerely hope. That's assuming Pramac remains in Ducati, also because we just can't see Frankie following Campinoti to Yamaha!


Translated by Julian Thomas

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