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MotoGP, Cadalora: "Bagnaia and Marquez in the same garage? It'll be good for both of them."

VIDEO - "Pecco is the most well-rounded rider. It won't be easy for anyone to stay ahead of him. Marc's rear tire was smoking when exiting the Bucine because he uses the 2024 shapeshifter."

MotoGP, Cadalora: "Bagnaia and Marquez in the same garage? It'll be good for both of them."
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Our Bar Sport (which you can see in full above) had an unexpected as well as welcomed guest: Luca Cadalora. The three-time world champion made an impromptu appearance in our virtual living room. Consequently, we had to ask him his opinion on the recent market movements. After all, Luca knows something about uncomfortable teammates, having shared the garage with a certain Wayne Rainey. So, the Bagnaia-Marquez pair promises sparks.

"Forget about my times. They're far off, but I saw the rivalry between Valentino and Lorenzo in the garage, and I  havee to say that it was good for both of them. They had never gone that fast as they did. Having the two strongest riders, like Rossi and Jorge were at that time, is a great advantage for a team, never a disadvantage, and it's good for both," he responded. "It's great to have another rider, but I was also very good on my own when I was racing with Erv Kanemoto," he said jokingly.

The battle between the Italian rider and Spanish rider promises to be heated.

"Bagnaia is a great champion, mature, who knows how to use his head in the right way at the right time. Martin has great potential, but he doesn't yet have the head nor maturity to win a world championship. Right now, Pecco is the most well-rounded rider. It won't be easy for anyone to get ahead of him," Cadalora warned.

Of course, we also took advantage of his "eye' (remember, he was Valentino's coach) to clarify what was happening on Marc's Ducati coming out of the last corner.

"We saw Marquez's rear tire smoking because the rear tire was touching the lower part of the seat. This means that the shapeshifter Marc is using is the 2024 one," Luca explained. "The problem, if you don't want wear out the tire, you have to also use the new seat and other things. If Ducati wants to give someone a hand, they do." On the alleged differences between the GP23 and GP24, he was clear: "I think the real difference is being assisted by an official team and not a satellite."

Speaking of private teams, Pramac might choose Yamaha, and Borgo Panigale's choices may have pushed Campinoti in that direction.

"In my opinion, it wasn't just a question of riders. Ducati had to lose a team, and they'll lose Pramac," the rider from Modena stated. "They couldn't continue with eight riders, and this led to certain decisions. Yamaha absolutely needs to have two more bikes on the track."

Honda has them, but that's not enough. Now they're trying to get Aleix Espargarò as a tester.

"More than a tester, they need people who have clear ideas;" Luca advised. "These MotoGP bikes don't follow the working criteria of the past. They're different bikes. The combination of aerodynamics, electronics, and shapeshifters creates a situation that's unknown to them. They need someone who has this experience."

Cadalora was at Mugello and took the opportunity to stand trackside to observe the bikes and riders up close. What did he see?

"I saw Raul Fernandez doing well. I liked him a lot," he answered. "I thought he was strong. If they can get in the condition to express themselves at their best, I think he can become one of the tough guys."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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