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MotoGP, Espargarò: "In Barcelona Ducati is vulnerable, I am more serene than yesterday"

"We don't have the same margin as last year and it's just the beginning. What matters is having the confidence and I think I'm going through one of the best times ever even if I retire. Aprilia has the best chassis in MotoGP."

MotoGP: Espargarò:

Aleix Espargarò started the weekend in Barcelona in the best way. At the end of FP2 there is in fact his Aprilia in front of everyone, thanks to the new track record. In the aftermath of the announcement of his retirement, the Spaniard wanted to send a very clear signal.

However, the challenge is only just beginning and he is aware of the potential of his opponents.

"This morning I didn't have the same sensations as in 2023, plus the grip is particular ," he recalled , "In fact, I didn't think I would achieve this lap with so much of a record. However, I found very good sensations with the medium tire and I want to thank the whole team for the work done today and also over the years. With them I shared extraordinary moments, they helped me develop the bike and grow. In fact, I am of the opinion that we can do a great job between now and the end of the season."

The focus then turns back to yesterday's news of his retirement.
"From the beginning of the year until today I have always felt calm, even if subconsciously it wasn't quite like that. This morning, however, I was very happy with my choice and I am even more serene after announcing it to all of you. The head was telling me to continue, but the heart is always the heart and it is calm, with a strong awareness of the choice I made. I always feel strong and physically I am experiencing one of my best moments of my life. That said, it was time to stop. I am very enthusiastic, however, because this is a MotoGP of the highest level and I am still strong in this category."

Speaking of retirement, Real Madrid and German national team midfielder Toni Kroos has also decided to call it quits.
"I would like to do 10 percent of what Toni Cross did (smiles)."

The focus then returns to the track and Aleix focuses on his strong point, which is the front end, an aspect that Vinales seems to suffer from.
"The front end has always been my strong point, especially in corner entry. At first I remember struggling with Michelin in Suzuki after switching from Bridgestone, but now it is impressive. The fact is that last year we had more margin, this year the level is even higher but it will not be easy."

The fact remains that the competition is fiercer than ever.
"Ducati is doing very well with both GP23 and GP24. Perhaps Barcelona may be the track where they are most vulnerable because they can't put all the power on the ground. KTM on the other hand has the star of the future and they are fast, but Aprilia is not bad at all. Our bike has the best chassis in MotoGP and in fast corners it performs really well."

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