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SBK, Iannone: "I don't know if I will be with Ducati in 2025, but I hope the Panigale can grow."

"In Race 2 I wanted to take a chance with the tires. My goal is still to win and I'm not resigned to being beaten. Ducati in crisis compared to 2023? I don't know, I was on the couch then. The future? I know what my priority is."

SBK: Iannone:

Fifth at the end of the Superpole Race and eleventh in the final race of the Misano round of SBK Andrea Iannone did not hide his regret for a wrong choice, but neither did he want to look at the glass half empty, remembering how in spite of a long absence from competition he has always been among the strongest so far.

"In Race 2 we wanted to gamble by trying the tires that Pirelli made for us, while yesterday we had used the X on the rear, which was obviously the one to use ," he commented at the end, recalling his seventh place in Race 1. " I take it as experience, because when you don't have the pace to fight at the front you try everything and we played this card to try to make progress. I have to say that this was my worst weekend since I came back. I struggled in all the sessions, but in the end what matters is to have brought home points and not crashed, which is not a given given the lack of grip at the back and the lack of feeling with the front."

Compared to previous seasons, Ducati seems to have lost its edge. "I don't know what it was like in 2023 because I was on the couch ," he joked, " However, I see that Bautista is struggling despite having two titles behind him and an advantage in acceleration against a bike-rider package that is 16 kg lighter than mine . Outside of any controversy, that is a free benefit. As far as we are concerned, being a private team we do not have the same possibilities as a factory team, and that also applies to recovering from such a complex weekend. In any case, it is normal that there are differences . In the first three races I did a miracle because I was close to the best, battling for the podium and the win, but it was an anomaly. Today I take responsibility by having the wrong tires. I took a risk and it went wrong."

Speaking of expectations, Andrea showed no doubts. "You always aim for the maximum, however, in light of the tests I knew it would be hard to stay close to the officers and the heat penalized us further. A tire always makes a difference and this Sunday I could not do it. It was hard to manage the bike, even in the first lap I made several long and straight runs losing a lot of positions despite a good start. When you don't have any, you don't have any. What do we need to work on? Especially on the electronic side and the chassis trying to improve turn by turn," he analyzed.

"Personally, I don't give up on the idea that being private we can't win ," he continued in his reflection, " It's true that I bring home the result, but this is a collective sport and I think there is room for growth. Now there are a lot of good bikes, for example Kawasaki, goes very well on the straight. The level is high and we will have to try to react."

Bautista recently stated that the Panigale V4R has given everything it had to give. "It will be maintained even in 2025 and in case I am still in Ducati I like to think that it still has something and that there is a possibility of growth. I do not want to throw in the towel and I am convinced that as GoEleven we have untapped potential. It is clear, however, that compared to an official team we cannot sew the bike to ourselves," he said.

Finally, a question about the future regarding a possible landing in MotoGP "I do not close the doors to anyone. Those who need to know what my priorities are know, and after this weekend I will start thinking about it, as I have an important week ahead of me for 2025. The good thing is to know that there are viable options either way and I already have a priority."

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