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MotoGP, Fabio Quartararo: "Before the Yamaha lacked power, now agility"

"Small improvements in Mugello test, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I asked Yamaha to invest more by increasing bikes and test riders. My dream? A satellite team that can help us."

MotoGP: Fabio Quartararo:

Despite some hints of recovery shown in France, Yamaha continues to trudge in the rear ranks and so, on the eve of the Montmelo round and despite the good outcome of the extra dress rehearsal, the daughter of concessions, at Mugello Fabio Quartararo was careful not to get too carried away with expectations.

"The test went very well because it allowed us to analyze and identify our priorities between now and the end of the year. We don't know when we will be able to solve our problems, but at least we understood where we need to intervene, plus we had a chance to test the new aerodynamic package, which both we riders and Crutchlow felt was a step forward, so we will use it this weekend. Was the focus also on the engine? No, but already in Jerez we had an evolution. However, talking about a new engine is too much as you can not change everything from scratch, but only improve a little."

In spite of the good feelings had in Tuscany, looking at the weekend's commitment, however, optimism is not at home. "The Catalan track is not ideal for the material we have available, but even in the good period, from 2020 to 2022, we had struggled because of poor grip. However, we hope that the asphalt will improve for Sunday and we will be able to make progress. Having to manage the tires will help us, but I really think on the dry lap it will be tough."

Returning to the recent private session, El Diablo focused on the positive aspects. "The new aerodynamics allow us to corner better, but it is a minimal improvement, in particular it allows us to have more lean angle."

Regarding lap time, the question that reigns supreme at Yamaha is whether when there is low grip the disadvantage over Ducati remains as important as in other conditions. "We'll see. For example, at Mugello with the new tires the chrono was only a tenth better than that recorded with a ten-turn old tire. In general, the pace was also good. It is obvious that if you start behind everything becomes more complicated. In general there are some circuits where the difference between fresh and already used tires is less than at others. Does the power worry me? No, it has never been one of our weak points this season. I used to complain about it a bit, now it's different and we lack agility and cornering ability. So we have to focus on this handicap. In changes of direction the Desmosedici outperformed even the winning M1. Should we find the solution, we could already fight for sixth/seventh place."

The rider from Nice then went on to make a suggestion to the Japanese: "We should invest more in testing, have more bikes and test riders to whom we can entrust the development. Of course a satellite team would be the best, but that would already be something and in Japan they have understood that."

Looking to the future, when there will be the technical revolution, however, the transalpine wanted to show optimism. "I don't think about 2027, but I know that Yamaha is working not only on the short term. That said, we need to roll up our sleeves for the present as well. For example thanks to the cancellation of the Kazakhstan round we will have two extra days to test, however it is important that it is to test new things, not just to ride," he concluded.

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