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MotoGP, BREAKING NEWS - Fabio Quartararo extends contract with Yamaha for 2025-2026

The French rider has decided to remain blue for 2 more years: "My confidence is high. We'll be back up front together." Jarvis: "Fabio understood our commitment. Keeping him was integral to our program."

MotoGP: BREAKING NEWS - Fabio Quartararo extends contract with Yamaha for 2025-2026

Yamaha has convinced Fabio Quartararo to stay. the French rider has renewed his contract for two more years and will remain blue until 2026. It wasn't such a foregone conclusion, because Yamaha is going through a difficult time in terms of results, and Aprilia's sirens were tempting El Diablo.  But Yamaha's major restructuring project seems to have givenQuartararo sufficient guarantees to. So, once again, he's tied his future with to the Japanese brand.

Fabio has so far won one world title and 11 races with Yamaha, including 8 on the factory team, which he joined in 2021, after debuting in the MotoGP in 2019 with Petronas.

"I'm super happy to announce that I'm going to continue my adventure in blue!" Fabio said. "Last winter, Yamaha proved to me that they have a new approach and a new aggressive mindset. My confidence is high. We'll be back up front together! Six years ago, they gave me the chance to get into theMotoGP. Since then, we've achieved great things together. We still have a long way ahead of us to start fighting for the victory again. I'll work hard, and I'm sure that, together, we'll achieve our dream once more!"

Lin Jarvis, Yamaha's Managing Director, added: "Keeping Fabio as part of the factory team is integral to Yamaha's MotoGP Project. Fabio is an exceptional talent, a hard worker, a great team player, and he has many competitive years ahead of him. Yamaha Motor Company, Yamaha Motor Racing, and the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team are sparing no effort to ensure a bright future with Fabio by taking a more "aggressive approach" to bike development. We've already made significant changes to our organization, including a new internal management system, recruitment of top expertise within the industry, new external technical partnerships, increased development budget, and an intensified testing program. All these changes are designed to speed up the process for us to return to winning. Fabio has understood this commitment, and this has given him the confidence to make his decision to stay with us for the coming years. Fabio has been with Yamaha since 2019 and, with us, the Factory Team, since 2021. In a relatively short time span of just four years, we achieved many successes: 8 wins, 21 podiums, a MotoGP world title, and a vice champion title. We're the first to admit that there's much work to do to get back to the competitive level we were at in 2021 and the first half of 2022. But with Fabio, you know he'll always put in one hundred percent f his best effort. It also comes natural to him to create harmony and a good atmosphere with all staff members. He can count on the team's and on Yamaha's full support every step of the way, to win more championships together."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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