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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "The choice of my teammate? Like a soap opera"

"Last year's crash will not affect my GP in Barcelona, I have already struggled against the memory of it. Aprilia will be the bike to beat, but the GP24 can help me."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Pecco Bagnaia is smiling beneath his moustache at Thursday's press conference in Barcelona. Martin, Marquez and Bastianini who sit next to him are peppered with questions about their future. The rider from Piedmont raises his arms, "I'm out of the game," he jokes about his two-year contract already in the safe. In some cases, being a spectator is better than being a protagonist:"it's like a soap opera," was the ironic comparison of the world champion.

While the long-term future is not in his thoughts, the short-term one is, on the other hand, well in mind. Because the Montmeló circuit has never given him much satisfaction. Especially last season, when at the second corner he crashed and was then run over.

"This time I hope to make at least three turns! - downplayed Pecco - Last year I was very competitive, I felt great, able to fight against the Aprilias. Let's see how this weekend will go, maybe the new bike can help me. The GP24 has less grip, but it runs more than the GP23 and could be good compromise on this track. The Aprilia will be the bike to beat."

One wonders if last year's crash might somehow affect this Grand Prix.

"Last year's was one of the worst crashes of my career," Bagnaia recalls, " It was huge, unexpected, Binder went over my leg. It was not an easy moment for me, but that's the past. I already struggled with that crash during last year, now I am in the present and I know the cause of what happened. I am 100 percent sure that that memory will not affect this weekend."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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