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MotoGP, Dall'Igna: "Bagnaia's teammate? Reaching an agreement isn't a given."

"Bagnaia didn't surprise me. I know his qualities, and I know what he can do. Marquez is definitely the champion who's been able to rebuild himself, while Martin is the champion who's blossoming."

MotoGP: Dall'Igna:

Sunday at Mugello was a dream for Ducati because they had no less than four bikes in front of everyone. However, the first two were blue, and the win is dedicated to the National Team involved in the European Championship, as well as to all the athletes at the summer Olympics in Paris.

It's a fact that Gigi Dall'Igna enjoyed Bagnaia's triumph, as well as what Bastianini, Martin, and Marc Marquez accomplished.

"Pecco's start was incredible," he began. "He took a major risk at the start, knowing that he would've had to have taken others in the laps that followed if he wasn't first. He certainly did well in doing something that great."

Gigi, what adjectives would you use to define Pecco's and Enea's performance today?
"For Pecco, I'd say determination, because he wanted to win this race at all costs. For Enea, it's more difficult. Maybe resilience. It was an important race for him, as well, even if, as an adjective, I don't like this last one as much," he said, smiling. 

Certainly, this day will remain forever etched in at Ducati.
"These days will forever remain carved in marble. They're part of motorcycling history, since it's on Republic Day. Of course, I wish all the best to the National Team and our athletes involved in the Olympics."

Gigi, what can you tell us about Bastianini's overtaking. Which did you like the most?
"They were both complicated overtakes. Maybe Martin didn't expect the one at the last corner, because he thought he had the second position in the bag."

Are you surprised by Bagnaia?
"Honestly, no, because I know what Pecco's qualities are, and I know he can do things like that."

In all of this, the market is always holding centre stage ...
"We'll make our choices with the tranquility and respect that's needed. To make choices, you have to come to an agreement, and it's not always so predictable. In the end, these are important and complicated contracts that need time."

Gigi, how come smoke was coming out of Pecco's rear at the last corner, and maybe Morbidelli's, as well?
"We'll have to check. I don't think it was just him. I don't think it's anything concerning."

Speaking of 2025, wouldn't you like to have three factory bikes in the garage?
"Sure, why not? I get on well with the MotoE,"  he said jokingly.

Regarding Martin and Marquez, how do you describe their performance?
"Marquez is definitely the champion who's been able to rebuild himself, while Jorge is the champion who's blossoming."


Translated by Leila Myftija

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