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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Bagnaia didn't want someone like Marquez with him, he makes you more anxious"

"Dall'Igna would've liked Martin, but Marc threatened to leave so, out of fear of losing him, he announced their agreement. Bagnaia? He certainly didn't want a rider of that caliber with him."

MotoGP: Lorenzo:

As Bagnaia's only true opponent in 2023 and leader in the first part of 2024, many expected that Martin would be getting the official Ducati for the upcoming year. Surprisingly, instead, at the end of the Mugello race weekend, and the collective test session on the same track, Aprilia revealed, through a video, that they had taken him on as a replacement for Aleix Espargaro, who had just announced his retirement from the MotoGP.

In an interview during the program, Paddock Abierto, even an insider like Jorge Lorenzo was surprised by the Noale brand's choice. "I didn't expect Jorge to sign. It's obvious that, as a consequence, Marquez would be promoted. I honestly believed that Marc would've accepted the move to Pramac with the GP25, but he clearly had more ambitious plans that included 2026, and now we've discovered them. He played his cards in the best way possible," the rider from Majorca commented.

For the Iberian, the rider from Cervera would've disrupted Dall'Igna's plans. "Gigi would've liked to keep them both. Martin in red and Marquez in his place. The eight-time world champion had a different opinion, so he refused the offer and threatened to leave. At that point, since they were afraid of losing him, management agreed," the 37-year-old stated, also convinced that the move of his fellow countryman to the factory team would have a greater media reponse, especially in his homeland.

"Seeing him fight for the victory again, as well as the presence in the group of an emerging talent like Pedro Acosta, has benefited the audience. We may not yet be at the level of the Valentino Rossi era, but his impact is remarkable. Considering that he's thirty-two years old, at Borgo Panigale, they probably assumed a retirement in two or four seasons. The fact that it's probably going to happen with their colors, influenced the decision, without forgetting the results he's able to bring," he continued in his analysis, dwelling then on an aspect that isn't secondary: the tension that a figure of that caliber could  generate within the garage.

"Pecco certainly didn't want a partner who was fast and capable of beating him. Not that Bastianini doesn't have the ability, but Marc makes you more anxious," he emphasized.

With a bike clearly superior than the competition's, the Catalan rider will face a litmus test. "There will be no more excuses for him. He's denied particular differences between the GP24 and his GP23 several times but, compared to his young rivals, he's had many injuries, so the only thing he can do is try to maintain his current level. However, if Marc was three steps ahead of Pecco in 2019, now, with equal means, there's no certainty that the Iberian rider will have the upper hand in all the races," he concluded, by speculating that age and the vicissitudes the former Honda rider went through could be seen in a negative way.


Translated by Leila Myftija

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