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MotoGP, Domenicali: "Goodbye to the first rider. We want to field two champions."

"In the past we used a more conservative strategy, but it didn't work. The internal struggle makes everyone express themselves to the maximum and grow the bike. Marquez? Those who doubted him are changing their minds."

MotoGP: Domenicali:

Who Ducati will field next year alongside Pecco Bagnaia is the big question of the moment. A question mark that boss Gigi Dall'Igna has promised will be answered soon. For now, there are three contenders for the seat and it is unlikely that other names will enter the fight.

The brand's CEO Claudio Domenicali is also convinced of this, and at the presentation of the Monster dedicated to Ayrton Senna, he made no secret of his satisfaction with the great media attention this decision is attracting. "It is a situation that is the result of the great work we have done," he said, " Although we are aware that whatever choice we make there will be criticism, we cannot shy away from it. We will try not to get too involved out of respect for the riders involved."

And just at the recent Le Mans round, one of those involved, namely Martin, explicitly asked the brand to hurry up with the decision. As mentioned, however, this is not such an easy move to make. The feeling is that most likely Bastianini will be sacrificed and that in the end it will be a head-to-head between the Pramac team rider and Marquez.

"It is difficult for Jorge to do better than what he has done so far and Marc is improving in an extraordinary way. Enea is not in a strong position in terms of points, but he had a great race in France," he summed up.

For the 59-year-old, while there is a fear of fratricidal clashes, with two cockerels ready to do battle and stand in each other's way, having two top riders in the official team is in any case a strength.

"Internal competition is an incentive to improve the bike as well. We have adopted a different strategy in the past, electing a lead rider, but it has not paid off. Having both riders competitive helps keep the level high. Today all our guys are giving their best," he pointed out.

To conclude, he could not fail to comment on the ace from Cervera, reborn or almost reborn after the move to Borgo Panigale. "As soon as he got on the Desmosedici, he was back, thus dispelling the doubts of those who thought we would never see him in form again after the crashes," he commented with satisfaction.


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