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MotoGP, Albesiano: "If Espargarò had stayed on as a test rider it would have been great."

BEFORE MARTIN'S ANNOUNCEMENT "Will Espargaro be missed in the box? After eight years it will be hard not seeing him. His words about Honda a lack of style? No, I expect fairness from him when he leaves. Savadori is doing well."

MotoGP: Albesiano:

The Mugello GP did not particularly smile at Aprilia, but for technical director Romano Albesiano everything is under control. The ups and downs are physiological, and although Vinales somewhat slammed the bike's growth by calling it less than the competition, the engineer distanced himself from his rider's words.

"Have the others been able to make more improvement? I don't know, I would have to think about it. In 2023 Maverick's performance was not very good here in Tuscany, so the progress aspect is misleading," he said during the tests. "Personally I think we had a good race in Barcelona, here actually less and we have to understand why. That said, the Spaniard was the only one to opt for the medium in the GP. I have no idea if that was wrong. It is likely that we were lacking in terms of setting to allow him to take advantage of the soft in the final part of the race. In any case, I don't think there is a drop-off, it's just a matter of the tracks."

One of the Noale-based team's problems is consistency. "The others have more data available, plus the competitors have satellite teams with top riders. Is there never regularity of performance between our two riders? I think it applies to everyone a little bit. MotoGP is so hard, all it takes is one slip and you're behind."

Before, the RS-GPs used to perform very well in the second part of the race, now this peculiar aspect has disappeared.

"In my opinion we have to work more in view of the GP and focus more on the last laps, as we are now strong both in time attacks and in the Sprint Race. I blame our way of working on Fridays."

After the news of Espargaro's retirement at the end of the season, it was surprising to hear the rumour about his divorce from Aprilia to be a Honda tester.

"Of the market I know little, you have to ask Rivola. Will he be missed in the team? For me it will be difficult because he has been with us for eight years and it is a big loss. Was his announcement regarding HRC in bad taste? Aleix loves to talk and if he felt like saying that he did the right thing. If he had stayed on as a test rider it would have been great. In any case, Savadori has some experience and is able to report well at the technical level. In general, the development of the bike is going on with all our guys, not just Lorenzo," he commented.

Is Trackhouse's entry proving to be below expectations?
"Compared to last year, we are more integrated. There is more exchange of information and more testing opportunities. We are improving in that as well," he pointed out.

About the new rules that will take effect in 2027 and the teams' approach, he asserted, "I don't think the 2026 bikes will be revolutionary, just optimized. When will we see the 2027s? I think spring 2026. Will higher top speed lead to more danger? No, I'm not worried. Statistics tell us that the most serious accidents happened in Moto2 and Moto3. So it is not necessarily the speed that is dangerous. Do tyres in the concession count? We haven't talked about that yet."

The future, as mentioned, will see Aleix in a different box. Could he pass on secrets?
"I think he will behave very correctly. Should there be a period of 'gardening' like in F1? That would also make sense, but when you put such clauses in they have to be paid for. It's an extra cost, and it's not part of the mentality of our environment, so it would be difficult to implement, but it's likely to happen. Personally, I wouldn't be offended if they asked me, because it would mean they think I'm competent. The only thing, is that I would get paid for it."

Lastly, a wish for the next lineup. "Anyone who comes as long as he is strong. It would be nice if he came from Ducati, but KTM would also be interesting," he stressed.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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