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MotoGP, Brivio: "Joe Roberts in Trackhouse? We'd love to have an American rider."

"First, however, we will talk with Fernandez and Oliveira to understand their future. The decision on the riders will be ours, but we will make it together with Aprilia."

MotoGP: Brivio:

The rider market puzzle is taking shape, with the biggest pieces having found their place. So many seats, however, are still to be sorted, some of them very tempting. Such as those of the Aprilia of the Trackhouse team, which has official bikes and a first-rate structure at its disposal, with an old fox like Davide Brivio at the helm. Fernandez and Oliveira's contracts will expire at season end.

"The first thought is to talk to our two riders, but we haven't started to do that yet," Davide explained to, " They are under contract with Aprilia, but of course we are very close to Massimo and we talk constantly with him.We first have to sit down with Raul and Miguel, figure out if they want to stay or not, and plan for the future. We work very closely with Aprilia, in the end it will be a Trackhouse decision but made together. We are on the same page."

Should either of them leave, there are at least two names that recur in paddock chatter. The first is that of Joan Mir - who Brivio glossed over - the second that of Joe Roberts. Having a star rider could be the right move for the North Carolina team.

"As we have always said, we would love to have an American rider," said the team manager, "We need to understand if it is the right time for him and what our ambitions are, if the two coincide, we would be happy to have an American."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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