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MotoGP, Michelin: "At Le Mans, one of the main challenges for tyres is the weather."

Piero Taramasso: "between morning and afternoon there can be as much as 30° difference on the asphalt, tyres must be able to cover this whole range."

MotoGP: Michelin:

The Le Mans Bugatti Circuit is narrow in places, with ups and downs, and measures 4.185 km. Consisting of 9 right-hand and 5 left-hand turns, it features two straights: one that passes in front of the pits, with a length of 674 meters, and a second shorter one, the "Chemin aux Bœufs," before turns 7 and 8. To meet the drivers' needs, Michelin has chosen symmetrically constructed front tyres in three different compounds (Soft, Medium and Hard) and asymmetrical tyres in Soft and Medium compounds for the rear, with a harder right side.

"Like Jerez, the Bugatti Circuit places medium-intensity stress on the tyres. Its layout is technical and the surface offers a good level of grip," says Piero Taramasso, Michelin's Two-Wheel competition manager. "One of the main challenges at Le Mans concerns the weather, in particular due to the significant temperature variations in spring, when the morning can be cool and the air temperature does not exceed 10°C. However, in the afternoon, if the sun is shining, the track surface can see temperatures between 30°C and 40°C. The range of temperatures to be covered is therefore wide, and this adaptability is found in an allocation of tyres with specific characteristics. Overall, the centering of the range leans toward Soft or Medium/Soft compared to other circuits. We have just experienced two spectacular races, in Austin and Jerez, during which several riders from different motorcycle brands distinguished themselves, and Le Mans will surely once again be the scene of some great sporting fights."

In the event of rain, Michelin will provide its partners with the Power Rain range in Soft and Medium compounds for the front and rear, with an asymmetric profile and a harder right side for the rear, as with its slick range counterparts.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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