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MotoGP, Le Mans Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Terminator Martin upgrades to a new version, Marquez finds joy in overtaking, Bagnaia shares headache with Gigi Dall'Igna

MotoGP: Le Mans Grand Prix: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Either way, there will be fun to be had. At Le Mans, Martin and Marquez have thrown off their masks and will not only be a headache for Gigi Dall'Igna, but also for Bagnaia. Both will need a painkiller after Le Mans, as fans prepare the popcorn for the upcoming races. Those who want to take some of the glory will have to contend with those three between now and Valencia.

THE GOOD - The new version of the Martinator is more advanced than its predecessor. It has not lost speed, but it has gained calmness and consistency. The Jerez crash bug has been brilliantly fixed and now everything runs smoothly. It costs a little for the broken fairings and visors for the celebrations, but it is a price you can safely pay.

THE BAD - There are two certainties in life: taxes and Luca Marini's last place on the Honda. For the former there is little that can be done, the latter it might be able to change. No one denies that the RC213V is a bit of a problem, but you can still do better than that.

THE UGLY- Not being able to cheer Quartararo on at the finish line. Seeing Fabio take a risk at every turn for his fans was worth the ticket price alone. Savage, as he wrote on his wing, knew it could end badly, he tried, he enjoyed it, and we liked it. You don't always need to win to prove you're a champion.

DISAPPOINTMENT - Little does a podium count if the step is the lowest one and your name is Pecco Bagnaia. What happened in the Sprint will probably remain a mystery, there was a reaction on Sunday but it was not enough to not lose more championship points. If it had been another rider he would have been promoted, but more is expected from the world champion.

CONFIRMATION - It's not only Ducati and Aprilia who know how to make fast and winning bikes in Italy, there is also Boscoscuro, which despite its name ('darkwood') shines its own light. It has four bikes and puts three in front of everyone, making the podium at Le Mans its backyard. Blooming with success.

MISTAKE - The road to success is paved with gravel, the one in which Marco Bezzecchi found himself in the two races. Last year Le Mans was sweet, this time bitter. You have to change the recipe quickly, because with that Ducati you can achieve much more.

SURPRISE - Even sharks sometimes find a shoal. Pedro Acosta is human and he made a mistake as the rookie that he is, although it is easy to forget. On the other hand, he had a good shot at not involving Di Giannantonio and Espargarò in his slide.

OVERTAKE - If a rider is happy every time he puts his wheels in front of an opponent's, Marc Marquez in two races has won the championship of joy. The best was the one over Bagnaia, but the list is much longer.

CURIOSITY - It was a record-breaking Le Mans with 297,471 spectators over the weekend (and this time they didn't count doubles, as in Jerez). The French GP for its numbers, passion, organization is the example of what every MotoGP event should be like.

I TOLD YOU SO - Martin after the Sprint win: "I have nothing more to prove." In the meantime, on Sunday he went through a revision, repetita iuvant.


Translated by Julian Thomas

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