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MotoGP, Acosta: "We need people like Schwantz, with a character like Stoner's"

"We riders should be more natural, like we were ten years ago, without having to change. Austin? I have no expectations, nor am I in a position to speak."

MotoGP: Acosta:

Pedro Acosta is certainly the revelation of this early season. After his surprising  debut in Qatar, the GasGas rookie even made it to the podium in Portugal, going beyond all expectations. So, the rookie's course seems to be set. All he has to do is follow it.

Acosta is motivated and convinced before the COTA round, where the competition promises to be fiercer than ever.

"To tell you the truth, I don't have expectations," he said during the conference. "I don't think I'm in the position to talk, or set goals, after two races. The start of my championship has certainly been encouraging, but we have to assess  so many aspects befire the race weekend."

He was then asked for a comment on the rider from Texas, Kevin Schwantz.
"I think we need more people like him, and I'm not talking about the track. I mean as a person. By the way, I have an anecdote about Kevin. I was eight years old, and I was in Jerez at an event attended by several riders, like Angel and Fonsi Nieto, and Kevin. Schwantz was the only one who spent four hours with the fans signing autographs and taking pictures."

The Spanish rider was pressed on the subject.
"I don't think anyone is like him. But I'm of the idea that we riders should be more natural, like those of ten years ago, trying to have a Stoner or Pedrosa type character, without having to change for anyone."



Translated by Leila Myftija

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