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MotoGP, LIVE Bar Sport at 7:30 p.m. - Martìn wins the Demolition Sprint in Jerez!

VIDEO - Jorge is the only top rider not to make a mistake on a track made treacherous by morning rain. Marquez falls in the wet like many of his rivals while leading, Martìn on the run in the world championship. We talk about it with Carlo Pernat

MotoGP, LIVE Bar Sport at 7:30 p.m. - Martìn wins the Demolition Sprint in Jerez!
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Demolition Sprint we have defined it, and that is what Saturday's short race in Jerez was. Net of a few collisions - Binder's taking away Bagnaia's handlebars - most of the crashes were caused by a damp track in some corners and therefore treacherous.

That said Martin is taking off in the world championship and because fortune favors the bold, Pedro Acosta is gaining positions and is now second. He's going strong, he's not crashing, you have to put him among the favorites in this championship.

The surprise of the Sprint was Marquez's crash, also in the wet, when he was leading the race after passing Martin and breaking his breakaway.

Obviously, it is not enough to make poles and be the fastest rider in the race: races must be finished, although there is no doubt that the eight-time world champion has not lost his speed.

Can we talk about bad luck? Certainly in the case of Bagnaia, yes, although he should not find himself struggling in the immediate rear.

Good race by Quartararo, on the podium thanks to the misfortunes of the others, (then he was demoted to fifth place with an 8-second penalty for irregular tire pressure) but still able to keep Dani Pedrosa in fourth position. They will talk about it tonight in the Sports Bar Pernat, Matteo and the Dean.


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