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MotoGP, LIVE Bar Sport at 7 p.m. - Ducati's choice: only one will remain!

VIDEO - Tonight in our LIVE coverage we will talk about everything we saw on Friday in Jerez, but also about the future of Ducati, and with us will be Davide Tardozzi. A difficult choice!

MotoGP, LIVE Bar Sport at 7 p.m. - Ducati's choice: only one will remain!
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Pecco Bagnaia set a new Jerez track record today at the end of the first free practice session. The two-time champion in MotoGP is Ducati's certainty for the present and also for the future, since he will remain on the Rossa until at least the end of 2026. While on the name of his future teammate there are still no certainties, except that there are at least three eligible names in the list.

Jorge Martìn, Enea Bastianini and Marc Marquez are in fact the hot names on the list of Dall'Igna & Co, for a choice that certainly will not be easy to make because we are talking in any case about three excellent riders. Each of them represents a logical choice, but in the end someone will have to be left high and dry. Tonight we will talk about it in our Bar Sport in the company of Davide Tardozzi, the man who in any case will be called upon to manage Pecco and the newcomer to the team. But that's not all we'll be talking about, because today's free practice day in Jerez offered plenty of interesting things to discuss.

Our LIVE will be broadcast from 19:00 on our YouTube channel, our Facebook page and our Twitch channel, so remember the appointment, prepare your questions and Stay Tuned!


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