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MotoGP, Jorge Martìn wins Demolition Sprint Race in Jerez: 2nd Acosta, 3rd Pedrosa

Jorge was perfect, while all the main rivals crashed, including Marc Marquez on the ground while leading the race. Also Bagnaia, Bastianini and Binder on the ground. Pedrosa finishes 4th

MotoGP: Jorge Martìn wins Demolition Sprint Race in Jerez: 2nd Acosta, 3rd Pedrosa

15:32 - Our LIVE coverage of the Jerez Sprint Race ends here, thank you for following it with us! Stay syntonized on GPOne for all the protagonists' statements and remember the appointment with our Sports Bar tonight at 7:30 pm. Stay Tuned!

15:30 - Today's Sprint Race delivered a script worthy of the best Hollywood thrillers....he came out on top for Jorge Martìn, who took home a crucial victory especially on the day when almost all of his high ranking rivals went down. The first big guy to fall was Pecco Bagnaia, who was involved in a crash with Binder but remained standing. Then fell Bezzecchi, Di Giannantonio, Vinales.

But the most impressive twist was given by Marc Marquez, who was in the lead and fell seemingly for no reason, paving the way for Martìn. Just before, Binder, Alex Marquez and Bastianini had also fallen, all in the same corner and without any contact between them, as if there was oil on the track (it was a wet patch). Pedro Acosta took great advantage of this, second ahead of another miracle worker, namely Fabio Quartararo! The Frenchman started 23rd on the grid, but finished on the podium thanks to a great start and then taking advantage of the crashes in front.

Third place for Dani Pedrosa (after 8sec penalty to Quartararo for low tyre pressure) ahead of Morbidelli and Fabio, in his first prestigious result with the Pramac Ducati. Sixth was Raul Fernandez ahead of Marc Marquez, who got back on the bike after the crash for a good comeback. Eighth was Augusto Fernandez, with Oliveira and Mir rounding out the top ten. Fourteen fell and really it will be to understand the motivations of this demolition derby.

LAST ROUND - Jorge Martìn wins the Sprint at Jerez, ahead of Acosta and Fabio Quartararo, who takes the podium after starting 23rd! Down goes Zarco at the last corner, with Morbidelli finishing in 5th. The standings

LAST ROUND - Marquez has to give up a position for irresponsible riding, for a risky overtake on Mir. Also crashed in this lap Marini and Bradl_COPYCOPY00is a carnage!!!

ROUND 12 - Martìn 'on the chariot' with 4 seconds on Acosta and 6 on Quartararo, who has to defend himself from Pedrosa and Zarco. Pedrosa glued to Fabio. Dani wants the podium at this point

ROUND 11- The classification changes a lot, Quartararo on the podium now from the 23rd box

LAP 10 - MARC MARQUEZ ALSO FALLS!!! CLASSIFICATION REVOLVED, Martìn 1st on Acosta and Vinales!!! VINALES ALSO FALLS!!! But what's going on??? There must be something on the track, too many crashes.

LAP 9 - Marc Marquez has a 7 tenths lead over Martìn, who has lost a bit of pace in these last laps. Alex Marquez always 3rd, then Binder and Bastianini, with Enea remaining very close to the KTM rider. Acosta got closer to Enea, while Pedrosa is attacking Quartararo for 9th place. GROUP FALL!!! Out Alex Marquez, Binder and also Bastianini!!!!

LAP 8 - Marc Marquez lunges at Martìn and passes him!!! Marc leading the race, then Martìn and Alex Marquez. Bastianini always glued to Binder, who leaves no room. Fallen Alex Rins meanwhile...

LAP 7 - Martìn's lead drops, which is now 6 tenths. Meanwhile, Bastianini continues to attack Binder, who resists, and this duel is bringing Acosta closer. Marc Marquez has almost caught Martìn, between the two there are only 3 tenths!!!

LAP 6 - Jorge Martìn loses a bit of a lead on Marquez, who is now 8 tenths. Binder is not keeping up with Alex Marquez, while Bastianini is glued to Binder. Acosta still 6th on Bezzecchi and Vinales. It's a good duel between Bastianini and Binder, who doesn't let up. Savadori crashed, but resumes the race.

LAP 5 - The classification on lap 5, with Martìn remaining leader over Marc Marquez. Replays show that Bagnaia's crash was caused by an overly aggressive entry by Binder

ROUND 4 - Martìn has a small lead over Marc Marquez, while Bastianini passes Acosta. Also on the ground now is Di Giannantonio. Meanwhile, nice race by Quartararo, who from the bottom of the grid, is now 9th ahead of Pedrosa

ROUND 3 - Martìn keeps Binder at bay, while Marc Marquez is glued to the tail of the KTM. Marc attacks and passes!!! Alex Marquez also passes Binder, beautiful duel!!! BAGNAIA DOWN!!! Pecco out, Acosta meanwhile is 5th ahead of Bastianini

ROUND 2 - The classification at the first pass on the finish line.

ROUND 1 - The lights go out and at the first break Binder gets in first and hits a great start! Second Martìn, then Marc Marquez and Alex. bezzecchi 5th on Bagnaia. Pecco attacks immediately and passes Bezzecchi, Bastianini is 7th. Aleix Espargarò crashed! Martìn meanwhile passes Binder

14:59 - The warm-up lap is started, GOOD SPRINT TO ALL!

14:57 - The grid is emptying, very soon the warm-up lap of a Sprint Race that we think will reserve a great show!

14:56 - Marc Marquez takes off from pole and knows he has a great opportunity today on what can be considered his home track.

14:55 - Less than 5 minutes to the Sprint Race warm-up lap!

14:53 - Good crowd presence in the stands in Jerez!

14:52 - Here comes Bagnaia, who will have to guess a perfect start today to hope to fight for the podium. Pecco will start from the seventh row of the grid.

14:50 - Welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Sprint Race in Jerez, riders already on the grid and track almost completely dry. The race will be run in unseen conditions.

Everything is ready in Jerez for the Sprint Race that will start at 3:00 p.m. and will see Marc Marquez start from the first row of the grid at the Andalusian track. Marc was flawless in qualifying, taking better advantage than the others of the weather conditions that affected the morning in Jerez. Alongside him on the front row will be Marco Bezzecchi, a wet weather specialist, and Jorge Martìn, who continues to offer top-level performances and wants to defend his lead in the overall.

On the second row will be Binder, Di Giannantonio and Alex Marquez, while the entire third row will also be Ducati with Bagnaia 7th ahead of Morbidelli, who went through Q1, and Enea Bastianini . All 8 Ducatis are in the first three rows then, with the only exception being Binder's KTM. Tenth on the grid is Pedro Acosta, who crashed in Q2 just as he seemed poised to take his first MotoGP pole. In the race he will undoubtedly be a tough nut to crack.

It didn't go well for the factory Aprilia, with Vinales and Espargarò rounding out the fourth row with the 11th and 12th times, but the situation is far worse for Yamaha, with the M1 failing to express itself at all in the wet with Quartararo and Rins. The two will occupy the 23rd and 25th boxes on the grid, in a weekend that is proving to be very difficult for the Iwata-based manufacturer.

Our LIVE coverage of the Sprint Race will start a few minutes before 15:00, Stay Tuned!

This is the starting grid:

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