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MotoGP, Acosta: "The fall during the warm up didn't affect the race"

"I was studying the trajectories. I was in the wrong spot, and there was moisture. I changed bikes. They're identical, but the sensation isn't exactly the same. The vibration? Michelin should look into that. Other constructors complain about it, too. it happens a lot in the sprints with the soft. It happens less with the medium."

MotoGP: Acosta:

Sunday in Jerez for Pedro Acosta began with a freak accident during the warm up, which threw the Spanish rookie onto the air fence, causing a microfracture to his jaw. But an even more decisive factor was that the bike he worked on most during the weekend was put out of action. Even if, theoretically, the bikes should be identical, they may not be to a rider's perception. His suboptimal qualification, a start from 10th place, then favored him touching Zarco in the group, with the Spanish rider ending up 18th on the first lap. But Acosta then gritted his teeth and moved up in the rankings, but the 25 laps of the race were only enough to get him back to where he had started. At the end of the competition, he was 10th.

You took a bad fall this morning in the warm up.
"There was some moisture left on the track," Acosta explained. "Ahe temperatures were still low. I was trying to figure out the optimal trajectory, but I wasn't in the best place to do it."

You then had a difficult race, during which you moved up in the rankings. Did the fall in the warm up affect you?
"It wasn't so much the fall itself, but the fact that I didn't ride during the weekend with the bike I entered with. That's what can happen when you have a bad qualifying session. Although it's true that the bikes are almost identical, the feeling is never exactly the same. In the latter stages of the race, it wasn't that bad, but we lost a lot at the start. The first one this weekend with this clutch. So the first lap was a disaster, going wide with Zarco and Mir. But, after that, I was able to recuperate with some overtakes and finish in the top ten. Overall, it was a good weekend. We finished with some points, but we also made some mistakes, and we learned a lesson from them."

Both Miller and Binder complained about vibrations on their KTMs. Was that the same for you?
"I think it's something Michelin has to look into. At the end of the day, it's a problem that the other teams are talking about as well. It's been there since the first time I got on the bike in Malaysia. It's strange, because it doesn't come from the shock absorber or the bike. So, it's hard to figure out where it's coming from and also find a solution. It happens especially during the sprints when you use the softs. It was less today, and I had t he mediums."

The GP in Jerez was the first one with a huge crowd of your fans on the Spanish circuit.
"It was a fervent weekend. Seeing all the fans shouting your name, with your T-shirts, was amazing. Aand it was great to share the weekend with them. It was equally nice to see so many people inside the paddock."

Tomorrow your testing. What are your expectations?
"I still don't know what we'll test. I know we''ll have components from the parent company, but I think the priority now is to work and make a plan for the upcoming races."

Translated by Leila Myftija

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