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MotoGP, Nadia Padovani on the Marquez brothers: "Alex is sweet and sensitive, Marc has a rock soul"

Fausto Gresini's wife is treating herself well with the eight-time world champion as her rider this year. “It seems unreal, but he is really with us.” However, his signing was not a walk in the park: "We were contacted by his manager. Complex negotiations and not everyone in Ducati wanted him"

MotoGP: Nadia Padovani on the Marquez brothers:

Sometimes in life we find ourselves having to face obstacles and unexpected events that we could never have imagined. The kind of events, capable of creating a gap between before and after, so that nothing is the same as it was previously. Nadia Padovani, wife of Fausto Gresini, knows this well, catapulted into a work reality that is rather complex to manage, especially if you are completely new to the environment.

The fear of making a mistake or of not being up to the arduous task of carrying forward the commitment to the world championship proved in the end to be not as strong as the desire to keep alive the dream of her husband who passed away in February 2021 due to complications from Covid. And so, first came the official debut in MotoGP and at the end of last season, the coup of taking Marc Marquez away from Honda, breaking a collaboration that had lasted uninterrupted since 2013.

The presentation of the rider from Cervera will take place on 20 January at the Cocoricò in Riccione and everyone's anticipation is very high, especially after the first impressions given in the Valencia test last November, the first on the Ducati, when he demonstrated that he had quickly taken the right steps.

Now for the small Gresini Racing Team, already coming off the back of a major restructuring, the arrival of an eight-time world champion could represent the turning point.

“When I saw him riding for us at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo I realized that it had really happened. Even if it still seems unreal, he is truly with us", the team owner confided excitedly to Daniele Sparisci of Il Corriere della Sera.

Many people are wondering how a private team managed to attract a rider of his stature and curriculum. “His manager contacted us, but at that moment he had an agreement in place – she explained – We waited for him in the hope that all the planets would align. We believed in it until the end and it happened. It certainly helped that his brother was already here."

For now the contract is for one year, however it is not certain that #93 will not extend it, especially if the results begin to arrive.

As is known, the difficulty of these operations also lies in being able to satisfy the desires and needs of those who have achieved so much and expect to continually raise the bar. A danger that the team doesn't seem to fear.

“Marc is a humble, calm, lovable and determined guy. He has a different character from Alex, who is sweet and sensitive. He seems more rock to me", is the description of the manager, convinced that there will be no friction during the championship despite such a cumbersome figure that could undermine the leadership of the leading factory Ducati rider Pecco Bagnaia. “Many inside the manufacturer didn't want it for fear of tensions. On the contrary, I believe it is a source of pride for all of us", she remarked, then underlining how this step inevitably piqued the interest of partners and sponsors.

Finally, Padovani dedicated a thought to Enea Bastianini, currently working in the factory team after having learned his skills with them. “If he has the right climate around him and without pressure, he will be able to fight for the title because he rides very well and is rather determined”.


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