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MotoGP, Aldeguer between two fires: now, but for 2025, Pramac also wants him

Hector Faubel, former rider and manager of the Boscoscuro rider, is negotiating with VR46 for next year, but Campinoti is on the table offering an official Ducati for 2025. Boscoscuro holds the balance in the talks

MotoGP: Aldeguer between two fires: now, but for 2025, Pramac also wants him

The Ducati VR46 team and Paolo Campinoti's 'official' Pramac team are increasingly on a collision course.

The reason why, in fact, Uccio Salucci has not yet convinced Fermin Aldeguer to sign and is still talking to his manager, Hector Faubel, is that the rider from Luca Boscoscuro's SpeedUp team is also of interest to Gino Borsoi's team, but for 2025.

Obviously first the situation will have to be unblocked by Boscoscuro who, rightly, in November, with a signed three-year contract, asks for financial compensation. The figures involved vary. There are those who say a million dollars - Luca told us in Sepang that he had invested two in Fermin - and those who think that in the end the agreement will be for a lower sum.

The reality is that both offers are extremely attractive. And Pramac's would fit perfectly with what Boscoscuro said: one more year in Moto2 to try to bring home the category title and then the jump to the premier class.

Aldeguer, however, says he already feels ready for 2024.

The result is a push and pull whose protagonists, in addition to the rider, are the two Nietos, Pablo for VR46 and Fonsi who acts as coach in Pramac.

Obviously, everyone is rowing in his own direction. In the immediate future, the VR46 offer seems to be indispensable, also because staying another season in Moto2 does not give certain guarantees of victory or competitiveness in the next season which will see an epochal change for the cadet class with the arrival of Pirelli tyres.

“Changing tyres - Mattia Pasini acknowledged today - is more traumatic than switching from the Honda engine to the Triumph one”.

And so? The question could go on for a long time, if it weren't for the fact that everyone is rightly demanding immediate decisions: in 11 days, once the championship is over, the chosen MotoGP riders will be riding the 2024 MotoGP prototypes, and the rookies will have to do their first kilometres. Faubel and Boscoscuro will try to sort out the situation in the interest of Fermin Aldeguer. And who knows if his career or compensation will have greater importance.


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