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MotoGP, Miller: "Thank you to KTM, they listen to me even when I talk bullshit in the garage!"

"Compared to the bike tested in Valencia, it's been an incredible journey so far. I feel good on the bike, it gives me a lot of confidence and it's improved in many things. The Ducati remains the most powerful, but today I passed some with the slipstream."

MotoGP: Miller: "Thank you to KTM, they listen to me even when I talk bullshit in the garage!"


Jack Miller definitely started his MotoGP race weekend as a KTM rider in the best possible way. The Australian had never appeared capable of competing for the top positions in Portimao free practice, but during FP2 he pulled off the classic lap that propelled him to the top of the standings, complete with record.

A difficult result to predict on the eve, but one that he must have given Miller more than one smile, now certain that he made the right choice by marrying the KTM cause. Now for Jack it will be necessary to confirm everything good done today in qualifying tomorrow, before facing the first Sprint Race in the history of the championship. He's cheerful, and when we ask him where he did a short cut to make that time, he replies in kind.

“I found a shortcut at turn 3 and then also in the last sector!” Miller joked. “To be honest, I'm as surprised as you guys. Not with the improvements, but the lap time. I wasn't expecting a 37.7 but hey, I'll take it! We've been working extremely hard and when I say we, I mean mainly the engineers. They've been listening to everything I've said, my comments, my wishes and my demands. With the new engine, we made a big step. With the new chassis, we made a big step and then also with the change in philosophy in terms of electronics and so on, we've made a massive step. Exit by exit, session by session, I feel like I can make this bike more and more my own And also start to exploit the strong points of the KTM on entry with front feeling.”

You’re looking very happy...

“I had a couple of moments today, the bike really gives you an amazing feeling and I’m able to save these crashes. I have to say a massive thank you to all the engineers and to KTM and everybody for trusting me and for giving me this opportunity. Maybe in my comments I say some bullshit, I complain a lot, but they try to do everything and up to now it's been an amazing journey so far from the bike I rode in Valencia to what we've got now, and I feel like hopefully we can keep this going. We need to work a lot more still in terms of how we can react to changing electronics and changing this and that, because that's definitely one of the areas that maybe we are struggling with the most. But I know the guys are working extremely hard on streamlining this process and making it faster.”

Is there any particular area where the KTM has improved since Valencia?

“Already with the new engine we made a big step, and then with the new chassis, and also with the change in philosophy in terms of electronics and stuff. Everything is improving, now we have a big bang engine that gives the bike a lot of rideability. It has good power, the Ducati remains the best from this point of view, but today with slipstreaming I was able to overtake several which is good. Also being able to use the soft front tyre on the KTM for a time attack like I was doing in the Ducati is very nice, very different to what they were doing in the past.

At this point what do you expect to be able to do tomorrow?

"I'm focused on doing my job. I was amazed by what I did today, also by the fact that I used the soft tyre well as I sometimes didn't do with the Ducati. I don't know what will happen tomorrow. My objective today was to be inside the top 10 and we were able to do that by a considerable margin. So we will see what we can do tomorrow and then the Sprint race will be a full attack."

Have you forgotten all about the Ducati?

"I haven't forgotten the Ducati, but in the end I think the experience gained there was important to bring here, to this project. I was certainly able to provide important information, then I get on very well with the guys in the garage. I can say what I think from all angles, about issues and everything. They trust me like I trust them."

You continue to make your bikes jump in Portimao!

“I saw a video of Toprak actually. I saw he jumped a lot further than all of us were doing, so I really hit it hard today!”

Did you see the wing on the tail of the GasGas?

"I don't like the wings on the tail, they're really ugly! But if they're needed, I'll use them. For now, we've followed the scheduled work plan, my attention is more focused on the electronic aspect of the bike right now."


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