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MotoGP, Morbidelli: "Liberty Media? They have to learn how to talk about GPs better."

"Their entry was positive. They did well in the F1. The MotoGP is uncertain and spectacular. That's why it's also important to talk about who doesn't get to the front. My appointment with a victory? It'll come. I want it, and I have the right team and bike."

MotoGP: Morbidelli:

Franco Morbidelli's 2024 got off to an uphill start. The bad accident he had during the SBK tests in Portimão last winter, which he used to familiarize himself with the Ducati after five seasons spent riding a Yamaha, greatly affected his start in the championship, to the extent that, for now, he's in 20th position with just 20 points. A decidedly unsatisfactory performance but one that doesn't bother him.

"I'm becoming fast. For example, I was able to enter the Q2 in Austin right away. This is also thanks to the team that has helped me," he explained to "The Desmosedici is probably the best bike on the grid or, when it's not, it shows that it's capable of fighting to be it. So, I'm very proud to ride it. To date, my gap from the fastest is between two and three tenths. Not bad, in light of the few kilometers ridden."

He was asked whether he sees a victory in the race like a mirage or something feasible. The Italian-Brazilian rider replied: "I don't know when it'll happen, but I feel that I can finish ahead of everyone. I want to, and I have the right material and team to make it happen."

Regarding the MotoGP and the format that includes the Sprint Race and GP, the Roman rider from Tavullia stated: "It's a stellar, unpredictable World Championship, with at least twelve or foruteen riders who can aspire to win. Too many races? On the contrary. My friends are happy, as are the spectators, so I'm pleased."

Finally, he spoke about Liberty Media becoming a promoter of the series. "They've done a great job in the F1. They have done a great job in every respect, especially in communication. We'll see how it'll go from us and whether we'll be called upon to make an extra commitment. A docu-fiction on the premier class? What matters are the duels on the track. You have to learn how to talk about those better and not just focus on the top positions. Now, for example, there's a world champion like Fabio Quartararo in the rear group. So many things happen during a Grand Prix, and that's really great."





Automatic Translation by DeepL

Translated by Leila Myftija

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