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MotoGP, Bagnaia: "It's bullshit to say that I don't want Marquez on the factory Ducati official"

"I don't have a preference on my teammate. The result would have been the same at Jerez if Marc had the same bike as me."

MotoGP: Bagnaia:

Bagnaia shared the stage at the opening press conference of the Le Mans GP with Jorge Martin and Marc Marquez. The two Spaniards are the leading candidates to occupy the vacant seat next to his in the factory Ducati team. Both are aiming for that spot, and Pecco is asked - not for the first time - who he would prefer. He took advantage of the question to get something out of his system.

"In these last days I saw a video on Twitter of a Spanish journalist saying I don't want Marc in the factory team, but it is bullshit - he went straight to the point - Actually I don't care who my teammate will be, I just want to beat them all, try to be the best and keep going like this. I don't have a preference, honestly. I'm working well with Enea, if the team changes the team-mate we have to start again. In any case my ambition is always to be stronger than them."

Ducati has still taken some time to decide (as Gigi Dall'Igna also explained in one of our interviews), but clearly a clash in the same colors between Bagnaia and Marquez would be fascinating. At Jerez they ìalready offered an appetizer of what could be the future, albeit with different bikes. Thus, Bagnaia was also asked what would happen with the same bikes.

"Talking with 'ifs' is always wrong ," the world champion pointed out, "The difference between the GP23 and the GP24 is very, very small anyway; the old bike has areas where it is better than the new one and others where it is the opposite. If we want to think about what would have happened with the same bike, you also have to think that I have more experience on the Ducati, while Marquez has only ridden it for 8 races, even though we all know what he is capable of. In the end, I think the result in Jerez would not have changed."

Having broached the subjects of the future and the past, Pecco then talked about the present.

"I love Le Mans, its atmosphere, it's a pity that in the last 2 GPs here I couldn't see the finish line - he recalled the DNFs - In 2022 I made a mistake, in 2023 I crashed because of a contact, but I was fast on both occasions. It would be nice to be able to win here, not just for championship points, but for the idea of doing it at Le Mans."

Before taking his leave, Bagnaia also commented on the new technical regulations for 2027.

"I'm very curious about the 850 cc engines, it's always nice to have a change - was his opinion - The strange thing, however, is that we are the highest point of 2-wheel motorsport and we reduce the speed, it seems very strange to me. Also, if we want to have more battles, all we need to do is eliminate aerodynamics, it's the one thing that creates problems in overtaking, while everything else doesn't affect it. Having said that, I think that even with the new bikes the potential of each rider will remain more or less the same."


Translated by Julian Thomas

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